Price Comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6

Samsung has launched Galaxy s6 this week. As Samsung is ever been competitor to Apple, it has been considered to be rivaling smartphone to iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy S6 have curved screen from both side. Both smartphone comes with three version as per its internal memory 32GB, 64Gb and 128GB.  Looking at its feature both are seems to be worth for money. You can read complete features of  Samsung Galaxy s6. Bellow table shows price comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.

Prize Comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6


Price Comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 :

GB version   32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs 49,900 Rs 55,900 Rs 60,900
Apple iPhone 6 Rs 58,900 Rs 64,900 Rs 70,900


Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6: Which one have to buy?

Samsung Galaxy S6 is available in India and price start from Rs 49,000 (32GB). By comparing price of both Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6, we can come up with thought. If you want to keep your high profile with iPhone brand in pocket you have to pay extra 10 thousands for each version of iPhone 6 smartphone.

Samsung continues with its experiment on curved screen. It is one of the best innovation in smartphone industry by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy have curved screen on its both edges that makes difference from iPhone. If you are curious about stunning look of your smartphone to stun your mates, you can go for Samsung over iPhone.

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