Mobile and Internet Child Safety | Is Your Child Really Safe?

If parents are thinking in this era that their child is safe and secure while using mobile and internet then most probably the parents are making themselves a fool. It means you have not discussed with your child about all the upcoming dangers while using the internet.

Mobile and Internet Child Safety | 5 Points to take care of…

Mobile and Internet Child Safety

It is very much important to understand Mobile and Internet Child Safety. These both mobile and internet are not secure for the children.

#1 Setting Limits for Calls:

Bering a parent, it is their responsibility to make the mobile phone safe for their kids. Parents should set the limits for the child. For the younger children if necessary then the mobile phones should be for the most basic range only such as calls only to the restricted numbers that can be the number of parents or the brother and sister.

#2 Setting Limits for Internet Access:

For internet access also parent should decide which whether they will allow their kids to browse the internet. First of all, the parent should decide whether they will allow them to use social media, chat rooms, and other e-commerce sites. If allowing them then they should better now their limits of usage and timings also.

If parents are not setting the limit as they are thinking that their child is mature enough then should explain them the Mobile and Internet Child Safety such as not sharing the personal details like address, school or college name, credit card number, phone number, etc. Also, neither commits the strangers to meet somewhere else nor talk to the strangers.

#3 Setting Limits of Usage of Cameras:

All the mobile phones have good quality cameras. Kids are capturing every moment of their life. Let the kids know the limits of using cameras or videos. Don’t ever allow anyone to catch themselves in an inappropriate way or don’t allow anyone to share the personal chats or videos on the Social Media.

#4 Setting Limits of Usage of GPRS:

GPRS Tracking in each mobile phone is a good technology but if we are using it for good purpose. GPRS tracking is activating on the kids mobile then parents can easily monitor their kids. This GPRS tracking makes it possible to track someone easily, but it has to be not used carefully and safely.

Spy there activities such as where they go, what they do… You can find Free Android Spy software to track your children’s activity.

#5 Inform them don’t be Scare:

It is obvious that now if your child is using mobile phone and internet then for sure any time he can face the online dangers. Inform them that in that situation don’t be scared. In any situation discuss all the matters with parents and inform them in detail so they better take any step to solve the danger. Also guide the children safely for the future dangers.

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If you are allowing your child to use a smartphone and the internet it is better to choose the billed plan for the mobile phone of your child rather than the pre-paid plan. This Mobile and Internet Child Safety tip will help the parents easily to track the calling numbers, activated services, the monthly expenditure and other hidden charges.

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