Men’s responsibility for women empowerment

My one friend put forth a joke one-day “practice makes man perfect”. It is a sarcasm against women. Many testimonies like these are very common in men’s world. They literally think women as a rival. Women’s are their competitor, no doubt about that. Men’s know that god made women not for an experiment but for the purpose. The sole purpose creating female is to abolish male dictatorship. It is a need to aware people for their responsibility for women empowerment.


GOD has given same qualities to both forms of species but they can’t be complete without each other. But Have we understand the true purpose of God why he created both? Every day I open a newspaper never finds a single page without female harassment news. It’s not about only India, the whole world is burning with these kinds of outrageous news.


responsibility for women empowerment and Role of woman as mother



Most of the medias only discuss stuff like, what should we do now? How can we prevent these situations?


But no one is discussing why this is happening ? or reasons behind the mind set of rape scenarios?.


Why only women’s are only targeted and especially they are targeted by their closed ones?.


Yeah, that’s true, there are plenty of cases that women’s are targeted by the closed one than strangers. And why women only why not men got raped because they are superior or because women don’t have that much urge than men.


I only found out only one reason and that’s male does not want anyone should or would dominate. They think they are superior that’s it they don’t want anybody above them.


In every mythology, humans are denoted by subsets “masculine” and “feminine”. What a coincident, even Human consist of “-man” which provide superiority on a woman. The masculine means overpower on something. From the medieval times, Men’s have dominated on every major post. Even today we are struggling with 33% quota for women in our parliament. Though women got 33% quota in panchayat raj, do we really agree on they have improved their status. I completely disagree with the statement that women have improved their status. Because if they did that then we have never faced news like harassment at workplace, on the road or even in the home.


Though there are lots of NGO’s, working on responsibility for women empowerment. They need help from government bodies. Our media only make news for capture market they never show how to make society dogma free.

Happy international woman’s day.


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