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Tech Mantle in Farming
One such essence of Tech in Farming is Irrigation through Smart Phone! Digital India!

In this article, I would like to share an example of such Technology which is existing!

Let us know basic terminologies, IoT.

What is IoT?

In IoT (Internet of Things), numerous devices/things are connected over the Internet. Simply, it is just the Intelligence of the Machine which takes its own decisions without contacting a human.

Kisan Raja

It is an IoT enabled Smart Irrigation Device which is helping over 50,000+ farmers by resolving their Major problems.

How Irrigation through Smart Phone Works?

It’s a blend of IoT, Data Analytics, Wireless valve controllers, Wireless sensors, AI ML, Mobile pump controllers, Satellite data.

It is installed near the Water pump starters and this device will have a Sim inserted in it that helps to control the device from a smartphone by the Farmer.

The unique facet of this device is that it has Interactive Voice Response Service(IVRS) in local languages that are comfy to pass on instructions by the farmers to turn the water pump on or off (this is where AI & ML come into play!).

Farmers receive voice alerts for Malfunctioning of the device, motor not starting, lack of water, etc. They can take necessary actions duly. It also alerts for device theft and can be found (this is where satellite comes into action!).

IoT also enables GPS location tracking. This way it also possible to track your device.

With this innovation, many farmers claimed that they found switching on or off the pump was easy. They don’t need to venture out to just switch on or off the pump set.

Irrigation through Smart Phone device

Meet the Empathetic, Generous, and Ambitious personality behind this significant innovation.

Vijay Bhasker Reddy
Son of Farmer!
Huge Respect!

You have to be updated with technology. This is just one innovation!

There are many other devices such as Moisture detection, Water detection, Weather detection, Analysis of market trends and crop demands, Harvest Automation, Drones, Autonomous Tractors, and much more… which are rationalizing Farming.

In a survey conducted by CSDS (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) which reported

62% of farmers are willing to quit their Farming.

Just imagine! What happens if they really quit Farming!!

Time has come to give a blend of technology to improve the farming culture in India.

My belief – Technology should always build Mankind! Not destroying human basic Nature! IoT is such a technology that needs to be used for a good cause. Otherwise, it can lead to many privacy and security issues.

What’s your thought?

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  1. Syed Omar Ahmed says

    Your idea is Delectable. Farmers are the Back Bone of the Country and they need to be Divulged with this Advanced Technology!

    The intricacies of your blog are admirable 👏🏻👏🏻

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