BlueTie- New Platform Breaking the Stereotype of Connecting Professionals

BlueTie brings Innovation to Connect Professionals

If you look at the career growth, 75 % growth is influenced by your online presence and networking with like-minded people.

Whether you are building your business, looking for a suitable job, or need funding for your startup; one thing you absolutely need – Networking, networking with people with similar objectives.

Social media is one of the best examples of networking. And when it comes to professional networking, there are many platforms and applications. Searching for the job or hiring talent – just scroll down LinkedIn profiles. Want to make money online – register for freelancing. Need developers for your business idea, go to Upwork.

Like many of us, I have also squandered a lot of time going through these applications for the specific objective at every stage of my career.

Then I came across BlueTie.

about BlueTie

Why BlueTie?

What if you could have a single platform for all your professional objectives and also have the option to opt for your specific objective at a particular moment.
Yes, BlueTie is offering you one of the stepping stones to provide a single platform for all your professional needs.
All these career growth factors are facilitated by a single App called BlueTie, your new age networking platform.

What makes me so excited to go with BlueTie?

Every user registering on BlueTie is free to choose their networking objectives, like seek or provide mentorship, hire talent or discover freelance opportunities, exchange ideas, strategic partnerships, or seek or provide funding.

BlueTie features

1. Big Ideas and Strategies grow here:

You can discover and interact with professionals having similar objectives.
Many a time, we come up with the idea but are unable to find the right way to execute the plan. You can use this application to collaborate and run joint ventures.

2. Right Talent for Right Job:

Every individual registering on this application has to mention their “fortes”, i.e the skills they want to be searched for, thereby making it easy for the recruiter to hire the talent for their job requirements.

Likewise, if you are looking for a job opportunity or clients for freelancing, you can explore this platform to find opportunities matching your objectives.

3. Learning has never been easy without experts:

This is one of the best features I have come across.

Everyone needs mentorship or guidance at an early stage for absorbing new skills. BlueTie allows you to seek mentorship from the experts. And when it comes to giving back to the network, you can mentor individuals yourself too.

4. Why is it meant for Startups?

Every startup is built on the best marketing strategy. If I am not wrong, to survive in the digital competition, startups need huge funding to compete with the Big fish in the market.
What if you could have a platform where you can pitch your mind-boggling business ideas and attract investors? BlueTie is what startup founders and investors need.

BlueTie Connecting Professionals

What are the Benefits of BlueTie?

Here are some of the advantages of using this app.

  • It can be an integral part of your career path if you are looking for a suitable job for your skills.
  • Getting to know numerous professionals in your domain even beyond your direct circle.
  • If you plan to start a business you can scale it up by meeting the right collaborators.
  • With the growth of this platform, it can be the biggest part of your online reputation.

How Can You Make the Best Use of all those Facilities?

BlueTie looks promising with its features if you want to meet professionals without any hassles. This service is available with both Android and iOS as an application.

Visit their Website for more detail.

Don’t trust my words blindly, though. Try this application. I am sure, if you are serious about your career growth, you will fall in love with it.

If you like this application and find it helpful in your professional life, share your thoughts about it in the comment section.

  1. Calvin Dav says

    Is this free or paid app?

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      BlueTie is a completely free App. You can try it on Android as well as iOS.

  2. Vaid Lyn says

    Thanks for this app. I am started using it and features are really helpful. Gonna share my experience after using it.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      Indeed, this is the best APP for features it provides. Will be happy to get your experience using it.

  3. Rinku Negi says

    Thanks for publishing this app. I m using it from a couple of weeks. I find it very easy to connect with professional people than LinkedIn.

    1. PCSkull Editorial Team says

      Thanks for your honest review. It has a simple UI that makes easier to connect.

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