How to Prank your Boss on April Fool ?

And this is the day, first day of Month April. I mean the day after Office Salary 😛 April Fool’s Day is one of the day, you “legally” allowed to play jokes and pranks on your friends, co-workers…  Some people just do it, some just extends day and pulls of prank gags in office. Everyone plays small prank with office colleagues , what if you pranks your Boss itself ? And that’s it, you came in. Lets Start with your Boss entry…

1) *Think your Boss* With every attempt he is roaring but door not opening ? 😀 

April Fool Office Prank 1

2) Noooo! At last He opened Door…  

April Fool Office Prank 2


3) Who know more to follow the rules ? Of course your Boss…

April Fool Office Prank 3

4) Please, Leave your boss 😛 No April Fool Prank in Washroom!

April Fool Office Prank 4

5) Please everybody Silent ! Boss is saying something 😀 

April Fool Office Prank 5

6) Lets gather for Magazine chorus Pic… And again Boss is standing beside you 😀 Legend?

April Fool Office Prank 6

7) Deadliest Prank ever 😛  No one will try to disturb any evidences 😉

April Fool Office Prank 7

I know your processor is still running, how you can extend it more, just little bit more … 😉 Please Share your pranks if ever  you make fool to anyone…

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