How to Deal with Computer Maintenance & Small Equipment Repairs?

Office workers and their employers are completely dependent on the power supply system and their own office-based appliances and machines.

Since today we cannot do anything without our computers and machines, it is useful to learn the basics of office equipment repairs and computer maintenance.

It is very helpful sometimes in the case of an emergency.

Computer Maintenance

Black screen – a bad omen

Imagine that you are approaching a deadline for an important project. You are giving it one final look, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s, getting that feeling of pride and joy that you have managed to finish your task on time.

And then, all of a sudden, your monitor goes completely black.

No matter if you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, the procedure of bringing the monitor back to life and computer maintenance should be the same.

First check computer maintenance, if the cable that connects the computer and the monitor is properly installed. (Laptop owners should check if there are any wires dangling from the laptop).

Then make sure that the cable is working, by connecting your computer to the monitor with a new cable.

If the screen is still black, connect your monitor to another computer. If it is still black, it is a sign that your monitor has passed away.

Make sure that you take it to a company that deals with computer equipment recycling and gets a new one. As for the near-deadline project, lend a monitor from an office colleague.

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Is your computer keeps shutting down?

You need computer maintenance.

If your computer has established a regular routine of shutting down at random, do not hesitate to solve the problem before you lose your precious data.

The problem can either be caused by a software error or a hardware obstacle.

Computer Maintenance from Damaged Software

Depending on the content you visit on the Internet, your computer could be infected with a virus. When it comes to software causes of random shutdowns, viruses are the most frequent perpetrators.

If your computer is shutting down, it might be caused by a virus in your system. This means that your current antivirus program is either outdated or simply bad. So, delete the antivirus and install a new one from a flash drive.

It should find the parasite and your system should be safe again.

If your windows system gets shutdown after doing some task on the system, you can record the complete screen with all steps. In an earlier post, we have shared steps to record Screen using Problem Steps Recorder.

This will help you to send actual screen recording to computer maintenance and repair center and to get the problem solved.

However still your system getting shut down, try this trick to remove the virus. If nothing works for the computer maintenance, reinstall the operating system.

Computer Maintenance from Hardware Cause

If your computer stops working during a demanding game, it might either be the insufficient VRAM (video ram memory) or some physical obstacles inside the computer tower, such as dust, dirt or cobwebs.

Open the computer case to see if there are any such obstacles inside it. The dirt and cobwebs should be removed with a dry cloth.

On the other side, dust on fans and the power supply needs to be cleaned in a different way, usually by vacuuming the inside of the case.

To prevent further dust buildups, you can make your own anti-dust filters and apply them in the case.

Emergency in the Printer Area

Although everybody should do as much as they can to reduce the amount of paper they use for printing. Having an office that is completely paperless is still an SF scenario.

Keeping, at least, one fast-printing device in your office and a stash of high-quality Ricoh ink in your work desk is a must for every business.

It may happen that your printer gets run out of ink just before an important meeting for which you need to be printed materials.

Having an extra cartridge in the office will save you a lot of stress.

However, when replacing the cartridge, make sure that you first unplug the printer from the power supply system and disconnect it from the computer.

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If you want your computer equipment to work properly, you need to learn how to do computer maintenance if anything breaks down or stops working.

When you need help in the repair area, find this text in your favorites and use our instructions to sort out the issue without any difficulties.

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