How to Record Screen in Windows using Problem Steps Recorder ?

Many times we faced the problem like sometimes in software configuration, installation or even sometimes to accomplish the certain task. That time we remember the technical guy who is the expert in that and I assure everyone have that guy in their friendly list or in some expert group. We call him and he comes. He find out what’s wrong and resolve it. In this post, we share how you can solve the problem by yourself instead of calling that technical guy next time. Just Record Screen in Windows using Problem Steps Recorder which is inbuilt available.


Very few of us knows that their computer has inbuilt Problem Steps Recorder to record screen in windows. We can record the problem steps with screenshot on every event. Bellow is step by step instruction to Record Screen in Windows…


  • Press Window+R that will open text dialog to Run command.

Record Screen in Windows psr command

  • Enter psr in Run window (Note : enter psr without double quotation mark), click on OK.
  • Steps Recorder will open.
  • Click on Start Record and start recording your activity on the computer.

Record Screen in Windows Step Recorder

  • You can pause/resume anytime in between recording.
  • You can comment anytime while recording.
  • After completion of all the steps, stop recording.
  • Save complete recording.

Record Screen in Windows save


Recording will be saved in the zip folder. Unzip it, you can find MHTML file that can be opened in any browser. If you are sharing this recording steps with anyone, go through at once all recorded steps and check manually and ensure.


  • There is not any credential or password recorded.
  • There is not any screen shot that you do not want to share.
  • All the steps recorded are accurate and described well.


Next time when you call technical Guy, just use this trick and Record Screen in Windows with all the steps he performs. Next time if the same issue occurs, you no need to call him again. Simply go through all the steps saved by PSR Trick and resolve the issue.

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