7 Step Starter Guide For Becoming The App Designer and to Get a Job

[Complete Guide] How to become app designer?

Imagination and creativity are the two key requirements in the field of technology and that is why the entire mobile developing industry is thriving to become more innovative than ever.

The technological requirements that form the basis of the designing and development of Mobile phones depend on its features and compatibility with the user requirements.

Effective Ways to Develop an Application

Mobile App Design Trend

Before we start with a guide for becoming app designer, let’s see the future scope for app designer.

Most users prefer simple structure, easy accessibility and reliable mobility in the user interface of apps. Whether it is the iOS or Android operating system, it all depends on the convenience you are bringing to your users.

If you look at the graph below, Android is dominating smartphone app development over iOS and other brands.

global market share by smartphone OS

Therefore, proper utilization of current design trends in mobile apps can increase an app’s credibility.

With the advancements in mobile technology, everyone is striving to become the best. Anyone who wants to excel as an app designer needs to be well aware of this affair.

Designing is not an easy endeavor instead it is just like art, not too complex but still easily perceivable.

Passion alone does not get you anywhere, as an exhibition of dedication counts the most. The right efforts would make the pathway to becoming a mobile app designer easier for you.

Market Value and Scope for App Designer

The number of mobile users worldwide is expected to exceed 4 billion by 2019. While the Google Play Store has 3.8 million mobile apps currently, the Apple App Store has over 2 million apps.

These numbers clearly convey the importance of mobile apps in today’s time.

The role of the designer is to create the app’s interface, aesthetics, and layout. One that is done, the developers proceed with the development phase after receiving a visual guide of the app’s design.

Scope for UX Design

UX design is one of the core elements of designing. An app without good UX design is of no use.

Therefore, designers need to be well versed about every aspect of UI/UX designing.

The demand for app designers is profusely increasing. Being an app designer is in the 50 best jobs across all industries.

App designers also have the maximum hiring opportunities, job satisfaction, and a competitive salary.

According to Glassdoor, UX designers have ranked #27 with over 260,000 job openings so far.

Being aware of the above-mentioned salary scale and assessing the amount of money a UX designer makes are not the only important factors.

Guide for Becoming App Designer

Let’s see how you can become app designer.

To become a hired Android app designer at any good firm like reputable organizations and brands, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

1. Important designs tools for every designer

Before designing an app’s interface, you need to make sure, if you are equipped with the latest design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and In-design.

Working on these three tools will allow you to extend your work boundaries and test your ability to design.

However, creating prototypes is also essential. These two tools are used to make a basic prototype of your app’s core design guidelines.

  • Sketch: used for drafting and editing images
  • In-vision: used for creating design prototypes, workflows and also presentations

Some of the programs like Axure, Balsamiq, and UXPin are also good for creating wireframes that serve as a blueprint for an Apps layout and interface.

2. Take out time to practice designing

Similar to the efforts required for the web designer, you also need to put the efforts.

The initialization of your design project is crucial. Creating a mock design project would allow you to understand the foundation of app designing.

When you create something yourself, you observe every phase of designing. From research to creating design guidelines, every aspect of design artifacts is essential to understand.

3. Build your portfolio

The mock project you create for practice will also serve as a representation in your portfolio. The more design projects you add, the more organized your portfolio will become.

This will increase your credibility and improve your chances to be shortlisted by software design agencies of your choice.

A professional suggestion is to make a hierarchy of your resume as it brings more sensibility to its layout.

4. Finding the right design agency

Going on a Google search spree is not a solution. You first need to conduct proper research, before you drop your resume to an agency.

Websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are reliable platforms to look for work. Other than these two, you can even apply at Balance, AIGA, and Coroflot.

5. Keep a record of your learning and share your experience

The advancements in technology are ever changing therefore learning will never end for the designer. You must adopt strategies that promote continuous learning and even share the things you learn with others.

Sharing will make you explore new boundaries in-app designing and expose you to new design tools as well.

Below are some of the useful resources that will help you grasp the notion of learning app design:

  • HackDesign
  • The Hipper Element by Joel Marsh
  • UXPin Free Books

If you are good at designing, you can think of learning Android mobile app development. It is easier to develop the Android app than the iOS app.

6. Always do your homework

Once you have acquired the basic principles of designing then the next step is to research. Building a portfolio is essential but experienced designers suggest creating at least three portfolios.

This brings more detail to your work and keeps the projects relevant to the post you intend to apply.

7. Always be open to the latest openings

Today, to survive in the online market, every business needs a mobile app.

The field of application designing is a competitive one. Many struggles to find the right job but you should always be on the lookout for new openings.

Professional designers claim that the success of a designer lies in his persistency to strive for better opportunities.

In case of not having any prior experience of working in an agency, you can always make a start as an intern. In this way, you will be capable to learn with trial and error.

Once you get an experience, you can build

Whether it a design agency or freelance platforms, exert your maximum efforts and you would be on your path to becoming a professional mobile app designer.

Editor’s Note: This guide for becoming an app designer is shared by Gerry Wilson.

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