Web Application Design for Different Types of Websites

Have you ever joggled your brain to get a website or web application designed for your business?

If yes, you must have talked to a web designer to get it done.

Website designing is not that easy designing job you may think of. It is a complex, highly focused and time demanding task that needs to be done attentively.

Web Design Efforts Required

Web designers are the force behind success and failure of every web design. They do this hectic assignment lovingly by applying their expertise to bring an exclusive web design for clients.

Websites are of various types that require multiple design efforts before coming in the final shape.

Use of different crafting methods and skills in accordance with clients demand makes a web designer.

8 Web Application Design

Here you will find 8 much-used website types with design efforts carried out by web designers.

Index Type of Websites The effort by Web designers (Designing/ Functionality)
1 Static Website Designed to create brand awareness and providing information to visitors, static websites are quick to develop. These sites are HTML documents that include formatted pages designed by using templates. A static website contains web pages with minimum script and provides browser compatibility with easy navigation. It also includes CSS for styling that helps to update cosmetics to make a web design attractive.
2 CMS Dynamic Website Just like eCommerce websites, designer covert PSD design into HTML and embed this HTML into the interface of the solution built by web developers. Web designers add their HTML and CSS expertise to design dynamic websites that accept information from users and store it in a database. Such web designs include use of multiple web technologies like PHP, .net and on client side scripting jQuery.
3 eCommerce Web Application For an eCommerce website to make online shopping more attractive, web designers craft eye-catching and usable designs. These sites need perfect graphics and jQuery sliding effects for sharp online presence.
On the backend, there is extensive functionality required by web developers for adding functionality for product listing page, add to basket, check-out page and billing and shipping details page and last but not the least is the thank you page. Rather than making a customized eCommerce shopping website from scratch it’s better to use some open source CMS like Magento. Once the HTML design is ready the designer can embed HTML into the interface of Magento for each page.
4 Blog Blogs are sort of online diaries and journals that include a variety of information and posts for sharing and commenting. The HTML design is integrated at WordPress that needs to be user-friendly and interesting for which web designers work on HTML & CSS to bring pixel perfect HTML design. There is not as much use of JQuery into the blog websites.
5 Personal/Celebrity website Prospective clients ask for this type of website to let others read about their life or happenings. Web designing for such sites is done according to the client’s demand. These responsive websites are designed to catch traffic to increase fan following. The website requires much photo portfolio of the stars so extensive jQuery (client side scripting) would be required than any other type of websites to add the animated effects.
6 Non Profit/ NGO Website These websites are aimed for charities that are designed to attract followers to donate more by just clicking simply. Web designers put their best effort to make these sites donor friendly for online transactions. They also decide suitable Markup structure to make a website more visible and media friendly by adding an animated gallery of the organization team, donors and members.
7 Photo Sharing Web Application Websites designed for sharing images and photos, such as Flickr, Google’s Picasa, Pinterest, and many others require interactive real-time experience for web visitors. Some of the modern web frameworks allow web designers to construct such websites using any language like .net or PHP. Powerful JavaScript like jQuery is used and some are designed by using HTML and CSS only.
8 Multiple Devices or Responsive Website These websites need to be responsive to have all devices compatibility to provide optimal navigation and easy viewing experience. These websites are designed by using CSS3 media queries based on specs of the device. A web designer creates a website and then enhances it by using JavaScript frameworks like Modernizr, bootstrap, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile.


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This is all all about web application design efforts required for various types of websites. Any thought? Write in the comment.

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