9 Google Projects in Front of Sunder Pichai After becoming CEO of Alphabets

Sunder Pichai is the new CEO of Google and its parent company called Alphabets. With this new responsibility for Pichai, he will be more responsible for various Google projects. In this article, I’m listing down those top Google Projects.

Pichai’s success will be measured based on the success of these Google Projects.

Google has projected to have 1.2 billion smartphone sales. Google is doing hot oil in eye jobs to bring the next billion users on Android.

Once the user will get there, Google is aiming to give a great experience. They have announced Google Photos, Android M (latest OS), Brillo (IoT OS), Weave, offline Maps for Android users.

For Android developers, they have provided the full android toolkit that will support C/C++, Android Pay, Google Play Homepage.

This post mainly emphasizes for Android user. One by one we go through all the Google io event announcements…

Google has set the Stage On Fire!

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Top 9 | Google Projects List

1. Android OS

Google io event announced the new version of Android OS.

Google io15 announcement Android M

Source Google Image

There are many different types of OS used in smartphones. To compete with all smartphone OS like iOS, there are many more features that have been added to decorate new OS; mind-blowing.

As having enormous features, catchy apps coming; the previous version is shackled by battery backup problems. Many of the android users have raised concerns for long battery backup.

We have seen Android unveils wireless charging technology in galaxy note 4. This time, Google might have quite serious.  Google has invented a USB Type C charger that will help for faster charging on android M. Options for devices to charge will be shown to the user when USB Type C is plugged.

Google has found a bunch of infinite loops. By resolving these loops in the new version of Android, Android M will increase standby battery by 2x.

Many rumors are going around for Android M, What exactly M stand for?  So is the new version of Android called “Magic Mushroom” or “Milkshake”? 😛 It’s still not coming out of Google dome.

2. Android Wear

New Android Wear feature includes wrist gestures, emoji recognition, and a new app launcher. Android Wear app developer has mainly focused on design principles of Glanceable, Actionable, Effortless to develop Android Wear.

Google io15 announcement Android Wear

A new emoji recognizer is ready to make the difference in Android Wear. “Emoji Recognizer” is also Big word of the day that sets new words in the technology abdomen.

Android Wear has wrist gestures. This new wrist gestures will be recognized as Emoji. It’s easier now to draw and send emoji with just a wrist gesture. You can scroll by just flipping the wrist.

Android Apps are getting so popular today. Google has announced that Android wear has more than 4000 applications on the Android play store.

This looks pretty simple for the end-user. But It is a big challenge for the developer to make this android wear.

They must ensure that drawing an emoji should be easier than selecting one from a list.  It should be an “effortless” rotating wrist constantly.

Wear would be awesome if my wrist gestures respond faster as much.

Its wait and watch, if that draws emoji feature on Android Wear looks like a lot of fun. Many of us may be thinking it can be frustrating? But Sketching Emoji by rotating wrist is really cool and it is getting so popular right now.

The aim of Google is to make it “Glanceable, Actionable, Effortless”, always-on apps, emoji recognizer, and a new user interface. Let’s think, you are sketching emoji, And your watch will detect it. How awesome is this?

Time is very cool, isn’t it?

3. Offline Map

What else users want if online stuff working offline? Offline maps can help to search for places and also provide information as well as voice navigation without an internet connection.

Google has pulled the socks to connect people from different countries where the connection is 2G and even slower than that. They are offering lightweight search results and web pages.

Google is working hard to make Google Maps work without the internet.

Google io15 announces offline Maps support including support of navigation and traffic reviews. Google now supports more than

100M geographical places and has a command to understand more than 150M places on earth. With this now Google has probably adequate data to map navigation on Earth.

Google io15 announcement Offline Map

source Twitter

For the first time, Offline Google navigation map even gives suggestions over Speed limits. There is also a user-friendly feature called the turn by voice direction. This is the unique perspective of Google thinking.

Google Chrome offers an extensive amount of helpful extensions to help and give the best experience possible. Now Google is working hard to support offline capabilities in Chrome.

Google is the pioneer to make products like Search, Chrome, YouTube, and Maps work well even on slower Internet connections.

This will be a Great idea in India where lack of 3G networks in Villages and some other places will not be away from Google benefits.

4. Natural Language Context Engine

WOW! Google Now has enhanced the natural language context engine. Everyone might be thinking about how Google digs into natural language understanding and come up with results?

To give support and to understand the natural language they have done enormous Big Data analysis. Google now is becoming smarter, with the help of natural language processing and some crazy stuff…

Google io15 announcement Speach Recognition

It is not possible to give 100% accuracy for speech recognition. But they are showing drastic improvement in every passing day. In 2013, there was an error of 23% in speech recognition. Today, it has bogged down to 8%.

Natural language understanding by Google is going beyond epic, isn’t it?

5. Brillo & Weave

Brillo & Weave may sound weird, but Google is working hard to make it sound familiar. 😉 Google launches Project named Brillo and Weave.

It is the new platform, a new operating system, the new language for the Internet of Things. It will provide Android Support for the Internet of Things through Weave and Brillo.

Now it is easier for Android users to connect devices seamlessly even home appliances. You can connect your light bulbs, heating, and doors.

Google io15 announcement Internet Of thinghs

source Twitter

It’s a Big product for the Whole World!

6. Google Photo

Google Photos has finally being announced at Google io15. The inventions of Google Photo is so simple but also innovative.

With Google photo app all photos in the device will be automatically synced. It allows you to take the backup, store & organization of all Photos, easy photo search & Videos; that too FREE.

Google io15 announcement Google Photo

source Twitter

The new Android Photo App by Google is based on 3 ideas that matter most…

  • It is the home for your photos and videos,
  • It is the way to organize your photos, and
  • It is easier to make it simple to share and save.

We can sort photos by months and years even by types of fruits in pictures. Google Photos automatically organizes the people, places, and things that matter most to you. Natural language search support also will be given.

The improved user interface of Google Photos will also recognize actual geographical places in pictures. Simply requires a pinch of gestures for switching between viewing photos.

Google Photos is looking so great. Especially if you consider the camera aspect, It is incredible to have a camera with all the features in our pocket. Now my Smartphone is one the most important to me 😀

It is not a small job to organize pictures in the group as per user requirements. Google has developed pretty image reorganization technology. Otherwise, how the hell does Google Photo recognize an infant’s face the same as an older child’s photo? Ahh…

It’s sure; it will work better than the current Photo gallery. The Auto-categorization of the photo in Google Photo sounds very helpful to manage tons of photos we are taking every day. But it always wonders to know how many false positives it will generate. That will be decided only after having an actual application in hand.

7. Cardboard:

It is the new way to Virtual Reality. The cardboard came in the limelight last year itself, but no one has thought about its use. Earlier Google Cardboard was considered just for playing games but it can also be used in schools.

Google io15 announcement Cardboard

Source Twitter

This Google Cardboard Expedition is a really new concept to bring VR to the school. This is something simple, innovative, different and a great idea of Google instead of data mining masquerading.

Google announced it as a virtual reality tool of education where Cardboard and a teacher tablet will be synchronized so that the teacher can guide students. Watch this video and feel the power of virtual reality…

HOLD UP! did Google just invent the Magic Schoolbus? Rather going to a real zoo, how awesome it is to watch an aquarium through Google Cardboard somewhere with comfy chairs, air conditioning dome & sandwiches in hand?

Earlier Google Cardboard was supported on Android devices but now it will be supported on iOS. Providing support on cross-platform seems to be BIG Theme.

Respect to Google! This is huge!

8. Android Pay

Peoples are getting more fascinated by online shopping. On average, consumers use 25 mobile applications every month, spend 44 hours every month interacting with their phones. So it is obvious if they are looking at Mobile Payment as an easy and simple way for online payment.

To secure online payment over android devices, Google io15 has announced key features in Mobile called “Android Pay”. Introducing Android Pay in io15 event, it is a simple and secure way to pay online with Android smartphone.

Google io15 announcement Android Pay

9. Google Now On Tap

New Android M OS is coming with Now On Tap feature.  Google Now On Tap will provide you contextual information as you tap and hold the home button for a while so that no more swipes are required to get menus.

To dig more information about Android users, Google Now will go through your e-mails, SMS, etc and will keep watch on you more effectively.

Now On Tap feature in Google will find your location.  Knowing where you right now mean knowing what you need next.

For example, if you are at the baseball stadium, most likely you want to know baseball scores.  Suppose you consult a doctor over chat by mentioning Vision Syndrome, by taping on Vision Syndrome you can get important health tips to avoid vision syndrome.

While chatting with your girlfriend if you mention any restaurant name, by tapping on the restaurant’s name you can get all the information about it. If you get an Email about a movie, Google Now will get reviews for that movie.

In simple words, Google knows about you and what actually you want better.

Google io15 announcement Google Now On Tap

source Twitter

Google Now On Tap knows the context. According to the context, your smartphone intelligently and proactively will give you an answer. Google Now On Tap is taking context to the new level. ‘Now On Tap’ feature will be available in Android M, which will make your smart device even smarter.

Now On Tap is a pretty great feature at Google  io15 announcement. It is the pretty coolest thing Google is bringing to Android.

Simply it is the Big Leap in the way we search World On Our Phones!

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Do you think we missed anything on the Google projects list?

The smartphone market has prediction over the Google io event announcement.

Apart from all Google io event announcements, market experts have predicted and very excited to have a discussion on stuff like Android TV, Project Ara, Google Glass, Android Auto, New Android Wear hardware, new Nexus info.

But this stuff has not been discussed in io15. These are still under Google’s umbrella.

Google Offline Map is wonderful as a Google Photo app. I’m excited and impressed by a move. I think the most exciting Google io event announcement so far is Now On Tap.

This is going to put the actual impact on the end-user. Google is helping people and getting better and better (slightly scary for those having smartphones just to say Hello 😛 ).

Thanks for the valued time to go through this article. I hope you enjoyed reading the Google projects list. Sunder Pichai will be leading those Google projects as being a new CEO of Alphabets.

Feel free to comment on your opinion on the Google io event announcement that sounds epic and your thought over the battle between Apple and Google.

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