27 Unknown Interesting Google Facts

Where there is the question, there is Google. Google is everywhere right from testing the internet connection to solve any big queries.

Google is the part of students life to complete the assignment, it is part of the programmer’s life to find the open source code, it is part of the military operation to trace the opponents, it is part of health organization which provides the treatment over the Internet.

Are you a pedestrian? Google Map is following you. Cultivating farm? Google weather forecasting will assist you when to cultivate.

Interesting Fact about Google

27 Unknown Interesting Google Facts

Google is growing so fast and becoming part of life. Let’s have the glance over some unknown Google facts that hardly anyone knows.

1. Founder

Google has founded by two Ph.D. scholar students from Stanford University California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2. Not Original!

Google was originally called as BackRub when Google was invented. Backrup was just checking all the backlinks of the various sites on the internet to estimate the importance of a site over other sites.

3. Making Money

You might be amazed, Google home page is just one text box with button then how do they makes money? It is the BIG mystery to unveil in the list of Google Facts. Ok! 89% of the total google revenue comes from AdWords advertising and marketing.

4. It’s not so Easy!

Though Google has found in 1998, it went public in 2004 almost after 6 years.

5. Shocking Google Facts: O

Founder tried to sell Google in 1999 at 1 million dollars. But deal failed and now it has become multi-billion dollar company beating Facebook.

6-8. Massive Power of Computation!

6. Google processes more than 1 million searches every minute. It is named as most visited site in the world.

7. Computation requires to perform one search on Google has overhead more than computation requires to send aircraft to the moon.

8. India-born Sundar Pichai has appointed as Google’s first non-white CEO.

9. If you have Grade keep with you, I hire Geeks.

14 % of the Google Employees have not passed college. What they seek is the skill to hire and hardly they believe in college or institute grade score.

10. Search Engine Magic:

Search “ASKEW” in google search text box, contents will be tint slightly towards right.

11. The World adopting Robots, but I believe in God Creatures:

GoogleMap: Google hires Camel in the desert area to find Street View over Google Map.

12. Oops! I Missed

Google launched Gmail on 1st April of 2004, the world were thinking it’s April Fool prank by Google.
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13. Don’t mess with me:

All the leading developer of Mozilla has hired by Google and they are working for Google Chrome now.

14. First & Last Complex Appearance:

Google Twitted first “I am feeling Lucky” that to be the binary code. It was first complex gesture by Google. After that it is known for its Simplicity.

15. What is the next?

Google working hard to develop the computer that itself  can develop and debug the other program. Simply one machine giving birth to other machines as mankind.

16. No wonder if your Dream Job is Google!

Google acquires the first place in a survey of Best company to work in the USA, four times in a row.

17. Once Miss Spelled Name, now Verb in the Dictionary

It was accident search by the founder as “Googol” and then they named it as Google. Now it has become the verb in the Oxford dictionary synonyms to Search. (Note: Googol= 1 followed by 100 zeros)

18. Google Impact

16 August 2013, Google down for 5 minutes and global internet traffic has bogged down by 40%.

19. Google Unstoppable!

Google acquires two companies every month since 2010.

20. Well enough before getting sucked!

Domain name “GoogleSucks.com”  is owned by nothing but Google itself.

21. Master Piece!

You know how Google analyze traffic? They just checked how fast Android device in your pocket moving.

22. It’s so fun!

Search “atari breakout” in the image section, you can play the game.

23. Inside from Google!

Database storage is more than 20 Peta Bytes.

24. Google Facts regarding Search Engine:

Google uses more than 200 factors to deliver search result to the user.

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25. Hunting Treasure!

Google found Star of David on the roof Iran’s largest Airport. It was unknown for almost 30 years.

26. Best Coder is the Strength of Me!

First Hacker Cup challenge by Facebook  own by Programmer at Google. They collected prize by wearing Google Badge in Facebook Headquarter. Like a Boss!

27. Once Woman who was rented her garage for Google office, had become CEO of YouTube.

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  1. Omkar Bhosale says

    great stuff yar… like the post, especially that google's founder tried to sell the company…… Damn!

    1. Anirudha says

      Thanks Omkar!

      When we look back , can’t imagine… If they would have sold it, we can’t imagine, where Google would have been today…

  2. Anurag says

    “4. It’s not so Easy!

    Though Google has found in 1998, it went public in 2004 almost after 4 years.”
    bro thats 6 years, edit it

    1. Anirudha says

      Thanks Anurag !

      I appreciate your help to let me know. I have edited 🙂

  3. Anand Sadawarte says

    Great stuff dude…

    1. Anirudha says

      Thanks Anand 🙂

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