Top 5 Digital Marketing Job Description in India and Expected Salary

We have seen the economy, many times raised and even many times dropped down. As per the Economist and the way market, business, retelling growing it is much more clear that it is the good opportunity for jobs aspirants.  Market trend of making offline business has been dropped down with the huge margin. The way of

The way of making money online has grown up, it is really provocative for jobs hiring.  In this post, we see top 5 digital marketing Job description, that will give you the fair idea about various opportunities in digital marketing.

In this post, we see top 5 digital marketing Job description, that will give you the fair idea about various opportunities in digital marketing.


digital marketing job description


Top 5 Digital Marketing Job Description you Must Know:

1) Digital Marketers

India is the second largest country to have the highest number of internet user. As per case study conducted by internet world stats, the world population of using the Internet has increased by 832.5 % from 2002 to 2015. It is also the good news for Digital marketers.

In last two years, there is the huge amount of hike in online videos and online advertisement. Companies want to increase sells by video marketing. So we can expect lots of jobs hiring in Digital Marketing.

Every kind of company is interested and marketing their product digitally. To fulfill their requirement they hire more job aspirants in digital marketing. Coming to the expectation, they offer huge salary as per the job profile in digital marketing.

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2) Retell Planner

Today, there was 7.5% business in the retelling. It is expected that it will rise to 10% in coming couple of years. E-comers is playing the major role to grow retelling planning business.

There is a job for the retells planner in the field of invention, science, selling goods, giving training to employees, office stationery goods & home appliances selling & purchasing. Many more e-comers companies are looking forward to jobs hiring.

3) Adviser

Every business, companies are trying to grow their revenue. To enhance their market value it is necessary to know market expectations and the scope of business in the upcoming year. Looking forward to this, companies are hiring the adviser who has immense experience in the market.

Being adviser is not an easy task. They have to come up with the actual market demand. Further to that, it expected from them to know their competitor’s marketing strategy.

There can be many problems any company faces. To lift the business, the advisor needs the proper mindset to tackle all the bsuness issues.

So adviser will help the company to tackle their business by comparing with actual market demand and by resolving common business issues. Adviser pay scale includes executive director sitting fees and commission on the working basis.

4) Product Managers

Online business has grown up more than expectation. As it is money plus time-saving, customers are inclining to online shopping. Though markets are growing, we can see the remarkable difference in customer’s demand and services offered by product based companies.

To tackle with the demand of the customers, online shopping portals have booted up for jobs hiring. They give more preference to MBA qualified job aspirants for the product manager. Product managers have the salary in the range of 60 lac to 90 lac.

5) Experienced IT Professional

We cannot ignore the digital marketing job description for IT professional. As there is scope for jobs hiring in IT and Telecoms companies, it is considered to be a good time for jobs aspirants who have immense experience of working in IT field.

The jobs hiring has been doubled for those having experience more than 20 years in IT profession.

Those having experience of 4 to 7 years can expect the salary in the range of 10 to 11 lac. For 10 to 15 years IT profession holder it will be 13 to 20 lack. The salary for professional having more than 20 years of experience is expected to be 45 lac and even more.

 Wrap Up…

Looking at Digital Marketing Job Description in various firms, organization, and IT industries; it seems like the bright opportunity for digital marketers. There is huge scope for digital advertisement and animation, retell planner, adviser.

It also a good opportunity for those, who can analyze the need of customer and advice company to fulfill customers demand. It is indeed a massive platform for managers to ensure right product at the right place.

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    Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the promoting of items or administrations utilizing computerized advances, for the most part on the Internet, additionally including cell phones, show publicizing, and whatever other advanced medium.

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