Top 5 Criteria to Select Your Best Cloud Hosting Provider

How to choose Your Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

Cloud Hosting is known to provide better resource scalability and reliability at a cheaper cost. Still, a lot still depends upon the right Cloud Hosting plan from the best cloud hosting provider.

How do you know which Cloud Hosting plan or provider is the right for you?

Earlier, we have seen how cloud services advancing technologies in the gaming industry. In this post, we will be talking about certain specific parameters that you should look deeper into to narrow down on the right Cloud Hosting provider. These aspects cover performance, support, reliability, etc.

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Criteria to choose Your Best Cloud Hosting Provider

Let’s understand them better.

  1. Performance and Website Loading Speed

A lot of times people assume that Cloud Hosting is by default fast in any given condition. However, that is not the case.

For Cloud Hosting to be fast, a lot depends upon the infrastructure, hardware configuration and storage architecture.

By finding out more about these aspects, one can determine if the Cloud Hosting package can provide high performance and speed or not.

Various Factors Affecting Performance and Speed:

Performance and speed depend on various factors such as hardware configuration and architecture.

Be sure to check if the Cloud Hosting provider integrates caching within the hosting ecosystem. Caching techniques such as Varnish Caching have the potential to increase the speed of the website by 1000X.

Moreover, hosting performance also depends upon the kind of storage architecture implemented across the hosting ecosystem. Advanced storage architectures such as Ceph storage are not only fast but also self-healing, making the overall hosting environment reliable and efficient.

Audit and understand if such aspects are a part of the Cloud Hosting plans before choosing the best web hosting for you.

  1. Data Redundancy

There are ways by which Cloud Hosting redundancy can be improved.

The node is just a server devoid of the storage.  Elimination of that node means the elimination of your workload.

At the time of assessing Cloud Hosting company, make sure that they offer features like Automatic Failover and Data Mirroring.

  1. Data Centre Capabilities

The data center is where the actual physical servers reside. Your data is actually going to be stored on these servers.

You need to be very confident about the infrastructure and capabilities of the data center of your selected Cloud Hosting provider.

  • Start off by validating the presence of the data center using Google Maps.
  • Understand what kind of hardware they are utilizing including server configurations, network wiring, etc.
  • Verify if they have HVAC setup across the facility because a lot of times the performance of the servers depends upon it.
  • It is also important to check what kind of disaster recovery measures and security measures the data center is equipped with.
  1. Support for Hosting Migration

You may need migration support in multiple scenarios. You could be moving from a non-Cloud to Cloud Hosting, or moving from one Cloud Hosting to another or getting off a Cloud to a non-Cloud environment.

A lot of issues can arise during migration as the key challenge is to ensure the website data and functionality is backward and forward compatible with Cloud environments.

Proper migration support from Cloud experts can definitely be of help in such situations.

  1. Reviews

It is also very essential to take cues from authentic customers on how the hosting provider is.

If you know someone personally who has hosted their website or app with the Cloud Hosting provider, you can have an in-depth discussion with them to verify the hosting provider’s credibility.

If that is not possible, try to look at online reviews about them.

Many things uncover itself via this research which you might never come to know unless you dig deep.


If you are from India, check this guide to find the best web hosting in India.

Hope this guide about choosing the best cloud hosting provider helps you all to understand what goes into selecting the right Cloud Hosting company for your website or app.

If there are any other parameters that you think are necessary to be audited, please talk about them as comments beyond the end of this post.

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