[6 Healthy Tips] Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention and Cure

How to cure and prevent computer vision syndrome?

If you are reading this article, you are connected to one of the computer devices.

I am a software professional. Being a computer engineer, most of the time I spend while coding and developing software.

If you are an accountant, you are sitting in front of big screen feeding entries. If you are a blogger, you are enthusiastic to give quality content to our reader.

A lot of innovation happening to round in our life. And you are being part of it.

If you are thinking as you are really doing good, you are not 100% right.

You are missing something i.e.taking care of your health.

We are doing well if it is only concern to our job, earning bucks and getting a lump sum salary hike and respectable designation. But these things will sound better for us if we are also conscious of our health.

If you are spending lots of time on the computer, you must be aware of Computer Vision Syndrome. If you are not taking it as a concern, it does not only show adverse effects on your productivity but also on your health.

So it is good to take precaution.

In this post, we see what exactly Computer Vision Syndrome is and how to overcome Computer Vision Syndrome.

How to overcome Computer Vision Syndrome

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

By sitting in front of a computer for a long time, it may troll on your health. It has a very adverse effect on your body. It may lead to the vision problem, headache and neck, and shoulder pain if you don’t care about it.

Vision syndrome may lead to computing vision syndrome (CVS).

It doesn’t cause permanent damage to the eyes, but it can snatch our comfort level.

Lack of comfort feeling affects our productivity and performance.

The most common symptoms under CVS includes are eye-straining, eye redness, irritation or dryness, eyes burning, headache, neck and shoulder pain, etc.

If you are frequently checking notifications on your smartphone, you should get rid of the smartphone. Not easy for everyone though.

6 Tips for Computer Vision Syndrome Prevention and Cure

How to overcome Computer Vision Syndrome?

Here are some simple guidelines that will help you to come out from Computer Vision Syndrome.

1. Monitor Location:

It is good to have an appropriate position of the monitor from a position of eyes. Not only it helps you to concentrate on your work, but it is also beneficial for keeping your fitness and health.

As per the study analysis, the monitor should be more than 25 inches from eyes position and 6 inches below the horizontal eyes level.

2. Anti-glare Screen:

First of all…

What is the purpose of anti-glare Screen?

The anti-glare screen is nothing but the display design to cut down the amount of light that reflects from the computer screen.

Nowadays, Anti-glare screen you can get in any device like the computer, laptop, and also in the gadget like a smartphone, tablet, phablet, etc…

Anti-glare screen emits less light than the normal display screen. It is highly recommended for those who are used to work on a computer daily for a long time.

Sharing you my personal experience.

Being a programmer and blogger I spend lots of time on the computer. Earlier I was getting eye itching problem on my old laptop. So I have taken a new HP laptop which has an anti-glare screen. From that time I am really feeling cozy even if I stretch my working time.

If you are purchasing a new device or gadget, do check for the anti-glare screen. It is worth for one-time investment rather than dealing with health issues.

3. Light Effect:

You have already seen precaution from light emitted by computer screen using Anti-glare screen. Now there is also a possibility of an adverse effect of light coming from outside and hitting eyes directly.

How to avoid the direct outside light on your eyes?

Don’t let the light hit your eyes directly. Instead of that, use the suspended ceiling and windows with shades, blinds, curtains.

It will avoid a direct hit of light on the eyes while working on the computer.

4. Avoid Air Blow getting Directly on Eyes:

While working on the computer, you should take care of it. So that air coming from AC or cooler fan will not hit your eyes directly.

If air strikes your eyes directly it will drain water in the eyes. Drain eyes are more prone to eye itching problem.

5. Rule of 20-20-20

The name itself looks quite tricky, isn’t it?

Yes! It is effective as well.

What is the Rule of 20-20-20?

After working every 20 minutes, take a break of 20 seconds and look at the object that is at least 20 feet away from you.

Watch this video, it will explain how the Rule of 20-20-20 will work amazing for you.

6. Blinking:

You keep scrolling on social media profiles, despite knowing how hazardous social media can be.

If you are working on the computer too long, the eyes get dry. Due to this, it may lead to eye-straining, eye redness, irritation or dryness, eyes burning, etc.

To keep the front surface of your eyes moist, blink your eyes frequently.

Final Word:

Technology has improved in healthcare. But still, you can not simply rely on it completely.

Remember if health is good, then and then there is worth doing work.

Start using a smartphone for your fitness rather than wasting time.

Being techie I often work on a Computer for a long time. I personally use these rules and really feeling good as compared to before.

I have tried to cover up points after analysis and little bit observation while working on a computer daily about 12-14 hours.

So please adopt these rules for computer vision syndrome prevention and cure. Share your own experience in the comment section. If there are any add-on points that I should mention, feel free to write a comment.

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