6 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Better User Experience

I would like to thank Aniruddha Chaudhari for allowing me to publish this guest post on his awesome site. I recently became a fan of the site ever since I read his article on 5 solid reasons Android is so popular today (I’m a mobile geek).

One of the greatest features Google Chrome offers is its extensive amount of helpful applications/extensions to help the user have the best experience possible.

Today we will talk about some of the must-have extensions that can really make your life easier.

Of course, as with all things, this is a very opinionated subject so there might be some things you disagree with, but I do hope you enjoy it most.

6 GOOGLE CHROME Extensions for A Better User Experience

Useful Chrome Extensions

Here are some of the best Google chrome extensions you should start using.

1. AdBlock

This is an absolute must-have for any user of the Google Chrome browser. With over 40 million active users you can see why I had to put this on the list. It offers easy settings to customize your experience, just in case you want to support a website and don’t mind the ads.

AdBlock also works for videos on websites that might have promotional ads placed at the start. Overall this is a great extension to have in your arsenal and worth giving a try if you haven’t.

2) ZenMate

As one of the original extension VPNs or virtual private networks, this has won over the respect of many users. ZenMate debuted in 2013 and since then has raised the ranks with over 3 million active users to date.

What a virtual private network does is allow the user to browse websites that would normally be blocked due to administrative powers or country censorship.

Don’t worry; bypassing such things with a VPN will not get you in trouble, as it also masks your IP and identity-making you anonymous to the world. This could also work for just browsing things you don’t want your internet provider to know about.

3) Google Translate

Having to translate web pages on the fly can be rather useful when browsing. This is a simple application and is easy to use. Whenever on a site with a different language text, you just click the translation button near the address bar and you are done.

I find this to be extremely helpful as I tend to browse through gaming and technology websites.

4) Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a one-touch virtual dictionary available for any visible text found on Chrome.

This can be awesome, as there are many words that may be unknown to your vocabulary, and this can introduce to words without you having to actually go search.

5) Panic Button

The Panic Button extension can hide and save all your tabs with the click of a button.

Allowing you to hide anything that might bring some unwanted attention from an unexpected visitor. When the coast is clear, you can hit the button again to bring back all tabs with ease.

This is a great way to give you that added privacy when at home or work.

6) Awesome Screenshot

Have you ever browsed the web and found something really interesting that you just had to save it somehow? Well, this extension works perfectly just for those times.

You can screenshot anything and crop it down to be specific while adding a small caption to the image if you want. One of the best features is how you can share the image over social media right after you save it.

These are just a few useful chrome extensions available on the market. Believe it or not, but there are thousands. I wanted to talk about the few that could potentially make your web surfing life a little easier.

  1. Niraj says

    Excellent article, Caroline. Great list. Such extensions can certainly take your ‘Chrome experience’ to the next level. Thanks, Niraj

  2. Caroline says

    Glad you liked it! Chrome is great but it can be even better with a little tweaking with extensions.

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