[3 Ways] How to Use Spotify Playlists More Effectively?

3 Awesome Tips for Using Spotify Music on iPhone at its Best

Spotify is around for quite a while, but it gained larger popularity just recently. The music streaming service was launched in 2008 by a Swedish start-up and expanded rapidly since then, reaching 75 million subscribers worldwide.

Spotify surely deserves some special attention because its such a huge success in its short span of time.

Currently, the platform offers two options- free and premium, both coming with their limits and capabilities.

In terms of design, Spotify is keeping the things clean and simple, combining black background, filtered artwork, and a variety of features.

Although the service is pretty intuitive to use, many people miss the good things. Here are a couple of ways you might be using Spotify wrong, without even knowing it.

How to Use Spotify Playlists More Effectively?

3 Ways You Are Using Spotify Wrong

1. Do You Have Messy Playlists?

Maybe you went a little bit overboard with your playlists. Yes, Spotify gives access to a huge amount of music.

It’s easy to get tempted and create numerous playlists. Instead of organizing your music, you are doing the opposite. It’s time to put your music under control and enjoying every bit of Apple music.

Create folders in which you can group any number of playlists. Consider it as regular house cleaning – you are putting all your stuff into drawers, cupboards, etc.

This will cut down the clutter and will give you a sense of organization.

Organizing a Spotify Playlist on Desktop Computer:

If you are using the desktop version of Spotify, go to “File” and then “New Playlist Folder” or use the shortcut “Control+Shift+N”.

Another way in which you can manage your music collection is by incorporating the “Your Music” feature.

By using this method, you can bring together all your favorite albums and artists together.

Here are other super pro tips, make a new playlist named “-“(without the quotes) that will serve as a divider. You will really appreciate this quick Spotify spring cleaning.

3 Ways You Are Using Spotify Wrong

2. Is Your Spotify on TMI Setting?

Unless you want all your Facebook friends and followers to see your activity on Spotify, you need to switch to the private mode.

Let’s admit it – we all have music preferences we like to keep to ourselves.

The thing with Spotify is its emphasis on social sharing. Thus, all the social features are enabled by default.

Change Setting to Disable social sharing feature on Spotify:

You can change it into personal service by going to “Edit” and then “Preferences”. You can also use the Control +P shortcut.

You will see various features.

There is no need to uncheck all of them. The most important boxes are the one that shares information with your friends and flowers.

If you are using the web player or if you simply want to shut off Spotify and Facebook sharing temporarily, switch to Private Session. It will have the same effect as changing the settings of your sharing options, but it will last only six hours.

Don’t forget to turn your playlists from the public to private. Just right-click over the playlist and change its status.

3. Struggling to Search Music on Spotify?

Spotify offers far more possibilities than you even suspect when it comes to exploring and looking for music. The service offers advanced options to match your search to certain albums, artists, and playlists.

You can even add specifics like genre and year to get exactly what you want.

This is all about how to use Spotify playlists. These simple tips and tricks will turn you into a pro-Spotify user in no time. Furthermore, cleaning up those issues will definitely make your experience with the service even better.

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