Top 10 Free Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac

Developers have always showed a great interest in developing apps for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iMac. The much awaited smart watch by Apple has arrived to create lots of excitement among the buyers. This new device is said to be a breakthrough in smart technology as it is expected to create a huge market for the company as well as application developers. For this new device and for its existing devices, Apple iTunes store has been updated by the developers and more than 3000 new applications have been added for iPhone, Apple watch, Mac and iPad. Following are the must-have free apps for iPhone and other Apple devices like Apple watch, Mac and iPad.


Top 10 free Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac


Evernote – This is a free app for iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. It enables the users to order a quick note or effortlessly find any item.

Fit Star Yoga –For fitness freaks, Fit Star Yoga is the most comprehensive application to know different kinds of Yoga poses and their advantages. Available on Apple Smart Watch, this app can also let the users to manage their Yoga time through an inbuilt timer in this application.

Flipboard– Those who desire to keep themselves informed about the world and happenings across the globe, Flipboard offers them the latest news. Available on Apple store, this app can display at least 10 stories from the world and also work according to your preferences.

Instagram– Instagram application available on Apple store allows the users to see the latest news or feeds from their contacts. Users can even like or comment on the posts they wish.

Pandora – Available on apple watch let users to control their music and playlists collection straight from their wrists.

Apple has unveiled awaited Music streaming service for Music Fans at WWDC15. We have published the post, You can read here: Apple Music : Enjoy every beat on your iPhone


Twitter– A very popular news feed app that enables users to follow others.


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Top Fitness Free Apps for iPhone and other Apple Devices

Since the advent of Smartphone, fitness and health mobile applications have ruled the roost in major sections of the market. Business entities have now felt the requirement of personalized applications for better development.

UP app is one of the most preferred application for fitness lovers.

The UP app connects with your Jawbone UP fitness tracker or your smartphone’s built-in sensors in order to help you track and interpret a variety of fitness metrics such as steps taken, calories burned and activity intensity. It also allows for manual entry of food and drink tracking, as well as sleep quantity. Another standout feature is how UP integrates with a variety of fitness apps and hardware.There is something very appealing, and yet foreboding, about keeping your tummy toned. This app shows you videos of different ab exercises and allows you to time yourself as you crunch your way to a six-pack. Boot camp challenge is one of the most exciting workout applications for iPhone. It includes over 200 unique exercises targeting beginners to advanced users. It gives you exercises based on the equipment you have. Yoga can not only help you become fit physically, it also helps you relax mentally.


Most Downloaded Security Free Apps for iPhone and other Apple Devices

Kaspersky Labs also offer the best internet security program for the users. Therefore, if you make online transactions, this program is the perfect option for you. It protects the system from online threats and malware and keeps you updated on the latest threats. Other major products from Kaspersky labs include security solutions for servers, mobiles and tablets. The other major security apps from mobile devices include CM security with the inbuilt browser, McAfee mobile antivirus and security app and 360 mobile security and antivirus.


Most Downloaded Gaming  Free Apps for iPhone and other Apple Devices

Temple run OZ and Temple run 2 have always been very popular games on iTunes store. You can use the motion-controlled accessories to play these games on your iPhone and iPad. Gunship battle is amidst the largest selling game in iTunes store. More than 20 million copies were downloaded in the month of September putting the ranking to number 2 in the gaming industry. This game is available for both iPhone and iPad users.



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