5 Most Common Student Employment Issues | How to Overcome Them?

Nowadays it is quite a common thing among students to combine work and study.

Without a doubt, everyone wants to be independent and make money on his or her own.

Due to this, the trend of student employment is looming larger all the time.

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Student employment issues Looking for the Appropriate Job

It is almost impossible for students to get a very good job at the start of their career (at such early stages). And there are a lot of reasons for it.

1. Getting Rejected for Not Having Experience

First of all, and probably, the most common reason for the employer’s refusal is that a student has no experience.

Of course, it complicates the process of looking for the appropriate post because a student can not change it. Every employer wants to hire a worker who has already been experienced and skilled enough to avoid all the training time and so on.

And no one wants to become someone’s first employer. Because it requires spending additional resources and incremental overhead costs that can not be avoidable in such a case.

2. Not Having Degree

Secondly, a student who just studies at the college or university hasn’t had a graduate yet. That very often is considered to be quite a big drawback for the candidate.

Nowadays, there is a common statement that a person who does not have a degree is not an educated one.

Due to such a bias, students who are very talented and skilled stay unemployed for a very long time until they finish university.

That’s why a lot of time is just spent because of people’s biases.

3. Not Getting Interview Call

Thirdly, students do not know how to write a good resume to attract an employer to invite them to the interview.

Of course, resume and cover letter writing is a complex process that requires having a lot of skills and knowledge.

Due to this, time and again, such young applicants for a job find it quite difficult to handle it on their own. But there is no reason for worrying.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies that can help you with it without any problems. AdvancedWriters – CV writing service is one such online helper that is ready to write your resume at the highest level meeting any deadlines and requirements.

Moreover, they can arrange or correct the CV written on your own if necessary.

In general, this problem is quite common among students who are looking for a job.

Just like any other student employment issues, there is a solution to it. So, there is no time for hesitation, just visit a website and order the best resume and cover letter ever.

4. Not Getting Suitable Job Opportunity

The next problem that students face while looking for a job is that most employers offer exclusively posts to work on a part-time basis with enough bad conditions.

It means that it is almost impossible to find a good and fair job on the first try.

The search for an appropriate position is a very long and complex process that requires endurance and taking much effort and time.

5. Small Salary and Bad Treatment

And the last but not the least problem is a bad treatment for students while working.

It reflects in various aspects however there some most visible problems concerning that.

  • First of all, it is a very small salary that is not just and fair.
  • Secondly, managers can consider it normal to yell at such subordinates as students and very often can fire them just because of some small mistakes.

Of course, the number of reasons that students often face while employment is large enough. However, always there is a way out.

It was a common belief earlier, you need job to pay your bills. You can also make a money without job.

If you are a driven person who has a stellar resume and an impressive cover letter and if you know how to attract an employer’s attention, you can forget about problems concerning the search for the job.

Hope this article helped you to overcome student employment issues. Be confident and go ahead!

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