5 Key Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 | The Latest Scoop on the Future Beast

The public demand is at its peak, and smartphone fanatics over the world just can’t seem to get enough of its rumors and speculations. Yes, we are talking about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 super smartphone. It is already being touted as one of, if not the best smartphone to hit the markets in the near future. And it is expectedly going to be the next big thing in terms of technology, looks, and features, and give tough competition to rival brands such as Apple and Sony.


The Galaxy S6, from the house of Korean phone and electronics giant Samsung, has already begun generating huge responses from several online media for several months now. It is seen to be a much better technological marvel than its predecessor, the  Samsung Galaxy S5.  The Galaxy S6 phone is expected to change the way Samsung smartphones are perceived worldwide, including mind-boggling specs, massive value for money, and exquisite, premium looks.

There are many rumors circulating on technology websites, gadget forums and online media regarding the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S6.  Some of which are definitely possible in the actual device while some of these specs may be a little absurd. Here are some of them in a point-wise manner.

1. Powerful Exynos CPU:

Expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be a power performer in every sense of the term. It is rumored to be equipped with Samsung’s patented Exynos 8 octa-core processor, with its cores optimized for minimum power consumption and blazing fast operation on the heaviest of applications.

2. 20 MP ISOCELL camera:

If rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S6 could have a dazzling 20 MP back camera with ISOCELL technology for the best shots in any lighting condition. It is also capable of recording life like the video at full HD resolutions. For video calls, an 8 MP front camera is also expected in the S6.

3. Android L 5.0 Operating System:

It is almost 100% certain that Samsung will have Android as its core OS. And our guess is that it may come installed with the next Android version, codenamed Android L, which is expected to be quite a zippy performer.

4. 4K curved display:

Several online reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have the best display in its class. It could have an amazing 6.3-inch display and a best in class ultra HD 4K screen. Another feature of the S6 screen is that it might have a curved, bendable panoramic display for a breathtaking viewing experience.

5. Metallic finish exterior:

Samsung is expected to overhaul the plastic polycarbonate type bodies used in their flagship devices and go for an all metallic finish body for the Galaxy S6. The metallic body is definitely expected to make the Galaxy S6 one of the most premium looking phones of next year, with least sized bezel and sophisticated finishing.

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