Does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Have Metallic Body?

Recently a rumor floated that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have a metallic body. We know that Samsung will soon be launching Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the market, but still it has not leaked any information about it. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be one of the smartest product in the history of smart phone’s which is expected to bring a revolution of what we think the smartphone can do.

Latest Rumors on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have YOUM flexible display which places a question on whether Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have the metallic body or not , but what we think that Samsung might not add a flexible display to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as it would not like to experiment with the most successful series.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 May Have Metallic Body

A flexible screen might be possible in some other series of Samsung like the F series or the J series. As of now there is no official confirmation that whether Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would have a metallic body or whether it will have a YOUM flexible display, but one thing is for sure that Samsung would make sure that it performs better in the market as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The reasons that note 3 were not that successful in the market as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 were its price.  It was tagged with a huge price tag which somewhat refrained other people from buying the smartphone. Well, we cannot expect such a featured Smartphone to be cheap but at least we can think that this smartphone would be reasonable in its terms.


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It is expected to have a 4GB RAM, along with 32/64GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 128GB. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, just like Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be waterproof and dustproof and is expected to have a fingerprint scanner.  Since all Android OS will now have a kill switch for better security, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to have retina scanner for authentication. An image from Samsung Exynos team on twitter hinted this. Retina scanner would be one of a kind as it has never been implemented in any other device before and most probably Samsung Note 4 would be the first one.

It will come preloaded with Samsung Knox, which is again a security feature. Note 4 is expected to have a primary camera of 21 MP and a secondary camera of 5MP. This phablet is expected to release by September 2014 and will be launched in IFA which will be held in September.

The water-proofing of a phone also puts a question mark on the metallic body of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , but it’s a Samsung’s Product ,anything is possible. We have to wait till there is any official news from Samsung about this smartphone.


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