Do you know How was the first mobile phone?

Review of first mobile phone and first call

3rd April by date, 40 year back some thing happened, and that let whole world to stir down the ambiance. People are not so far even they are hailing from other continent. They can talk whenever they want, whatever they want, more interestingly wherever they want. It is the same day, 40 year back when Martin Cooper made the first mobile telephone call . He was  engineer and executive in Motorola company. He played crucial role  to make first handheld subscriber mobile phone. Article is all about review of first mobile phone and first call made by him. At the reporting he made first call and said

“I’m ringing you just to see if my call sounds good at your end.”

We simplified these word by just saying “Hello”. The sound of Martin Cooper’s call still ringing in the world.

Review of first mobile phone :-

Here is the review of first mobile phone made by Motorola with  weight and size

Company Motorola
 Weight 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)
 Length 22.86 cm (9 in)
 Depth 12.7 cm (5 in)
 Width 4.44 cm (1.75 in)
Talk time on per hour charging 3 min per hour

Looking at the review of first mobile phone it seems too bulky;  you may surprise, still it is called as handheld mobile devise. Later Scientist came with lots of (silly) doubt in the mind, like wise…

  • I have new born baby , who has weight same as mobile phone. I can not take him in couch then How can I bear 1 kg of mobile phone??
  • My jeans pocket is not sack to take such a lengthy, deep and wide phone in pocket…
  • I am not working in electricity department , then how can I squander whole day in charging ??

These silly doubt let them to innovate new mobile phone

Many companies have been coming  forward to mobile development and innovation but we can not forget the way Martin Cooper have shown us. PcSkull solutes Martin Cooper and his team, not because of… he made the flexible, reliable device… but for a thing that he made first time in the world.



  1. Rupali says

    Hi Aniruddha,

    Thanks for sharing such a interesting article, And i am quite surprised that the first mobile phone was too heavy, big and has too short talktime.

  2. Aniruddha says

    Hey Hi Rupali,

    You most welcome and really thanks for your appreciation 🙂
    Yeah it is really surprise an one more, he has done that 40 years back …Incredible 🙂

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