23 Pros and Cons of Agile Scrum Methodology Everyone should Know

Why you should use Agile Scrum methodology?

Scrum is a methodology of the agile framework used to manage, develop and complete complex projects by working on iterative development.

It is used for agile software development where the innovative approach is needed to meet the unpredictable challenges as a client may change his mind about his product at any stage.

Scrum methodology helps to consider clients requirement, by working step by step on his demands and ensuring his presence for the development process.

Scrum is a mostly used agile development framework that is distinguished from other agile processes for its smooth working.

It involves product owner, a scrum master and a team of developers to work hand in hand to develop a right product.

Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology

Nowadays many of the development company follows scrum methodology for its endless benefits both for clients and developers. But, it has certain limitations as well.

Pros and Cons of Agile Scrum Methodology

Some of the pros and cons of agile scrum methodology as seen in this year are mentioned below…

Pros of Agile Scrum Methodology:

  1. Scrum methodology ensures involvement of customers and stakeholders for developing best product for them.
  2. Scrum methodology makes a business successful where documentation is hard to make.
  3. It is rapid to get results and development is quickly testable.
  4. It is a lightweight method consisting of frequent updates of the progress through regular meetings.
  5. Agile scrum methodology is iterative in nature that requires continuous feedback from the user.
  6. It ensures any mistake to be removed and easily rectified.
  7. The project development is visible at all stages.
  8. Scrum methodology consists of short sprints with constant feedback that makes it easy to cope with changes required by clients.
  9. It offers maximum flexibility to change the development at any stage.
  10. Scrum methodology makes issues identifiable through daily meetings that can be resolved on time.
  11. It offers high transparency to the client to trace the process and to measure individual productivity.
  12. The scrum methodology ensures team motivation.
  13. It ensures product delivery at a scheduled time.
  14. It is budget friendly and leads to quick but cheap results.

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Cons of Agile Scrum Methodology:

  1. Scrum methodology leads to scope creep as it has no deadline to deliver the product. It keeps project managers tempted to keep demanding new functionality to be delivered
  2. It does not include an estimated time limit and accurate cost that can make it expand to several sprints.
  3. This methodology demands strong commitment and if the team members are not committed, the project completion stands to be a question.
  4. It works best and fasts with small team members only.
  5. It includes experienced team members only, the project cannot be run with novice members.
  6. Scrum Master needs to trust his team, if he practices strict control over the team, it becomes frustrated for them to run the project. This may lead to failure of the project.
  7. If any of the members are not dedicated and leaves the scrum process during development, it leaves a huge inverse effect on the project development.
  8. Scrum methodology is hard to implement Project quality management and to quantify it unless the test team conducts regression testing of the development after each sprint.
  9. It includes high pressure or stress on team members and hard time to spend on project development.

These are the pros and cons of agile scrum methodology you should consider while developing projects. If you have any experience working on scrum methodology, share your experience by commenting below.

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