[5 Ways] How to Promote Business on Social Media for Free?

With Social media promotion and marketing, you can harness the popularity of social media platforms to promote business on social media for free and to generate revenues.

Here are some valuable social media marketing strategies and tips that will help you to promote your business on social media platforms.”

Whether you are running a small store or a large business enterprise, an online or offline business, social media promotion can be very helpful to you in promoting your business as well as generating revenues.

Social media platforms provide wide visibility to your company or store among the massive audience.

You get the opportunity to inform about your products, services, and latest offerings to the social website users, which are millions in number.

You can redirect huge traffic to your main website from social media portals. To take your business to the next level here is…

Promote Business on Social Media for FREE

Step-by-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy to promote  business and generating revenues through social media portals:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Create a profile on Social Media Portals

social media marketing strategy starts with creating an account in the name of your brand, company or store on leading social media portals.

There are many social media portals are available.

These portal have many business-oriented features, which will be very helpful to promote your business.

You can post blogs, create pages for your company, post advertisements, and even sell your products online.

If you are running an E-Commerce business, do check our previous post to Embrace & Conquer Markets Through E-commerce business Platforms.

2. Create pages and post interesting blogs

It allows you to create pages in the name of your brand, where you can post interesting information about your products and services.

You can post blogs related to your company’s products and services on your website. Try to provide valuable and interesting information and present them in a great way.

Use popular keywords in titles, headings, subheadings and footer of your contents to make them SEO friendly and being displayed on top positions of search engine result pages.

I assure if you follow these latest SEO techniques, you can flood your website with huge traffic from Google.

It is easy to catch the social media marketing strategy by promoting these blogs on your social media pages.

3. Invite people to view your profile

The next social media marketing strategy is to get connected with the likelihood of people.

Social media portals like facebook, twitter has a section called ‘Inviter friends’, which allows you to invite people present in your e-mail and social website contact lists.

Use different techniques to get more followers on Instagram.

You can add people available in your Gmail contact list, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Hotmail and in other networking sites.

4. Join popular forums

You can join many popular forums related to your products and services.

You can take advantage of this forum section to inform the audience about your products and services, interact with common people, and answer their queries.

It is one of Effective Business Strategy for Building Brand Awareness.

5. Use Online Photos Sharing site

This social media marketing strategy is getting more popular nowadays. You can post pictures of your company, products and services on online photos sharing sites such as Instagram.

Instagram is new gold mine and getting popular. Follow the latest Instagram hacks for promoting your business.

Do not forget to mention the link to your company website in picture postings.

There are allows you to add photos, videos, and links in your status postings, blogs, pages, and forums. Links help the audience to visit your main website.

By inserting links of your main website, you are also able to increase SEO ranking and website ranking of the website.

If you have close group of users, you can promote your business on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has launched many new features for business.


We have shared the best social media marketing strategy in this post. Now you can promote business on social media for free.

Kindly share with your friends to help them to grow their business. If you have any queries regarding the social media marketing strategy, please write in the comment section.

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