6 Programming Languages to learn for Job Security in IT

There are more than thousands of programming languages to learn. Purpose and specification of each language are different. Companies are hiring engineers and programmers specific to the particular language domain that will fulfill their requirement. You will be asked by IT industry if you hone programming skill sets from the domain of programming languages that are highly used and most powerful. In this post we see, what are the programming languages to learn that will help to secure your job in the IT industry…

Programming Languages to learn

1) C

It is the oldest programming language and still in the today’s computer rival. That specifies its power and scope. It is the basic language for every language. Almost everyone starts hands on  programming  from C language. If you get the good concept through C, it is not the big deal to learn other languages. If you are preparing for placement in IT industry, C is the must among all the programming languages to learn.

You can find all the codes written in C at one place here. It is good to practice at least one hour from your daily schedule.



Jaya is the most powerful language and considered to be the best language for developer and programmer. Java is language under the dome of Oracle. Earlier the share of JAVA in programming language was declined but as its highly favored language for Android Application Development, it is yet again making the sound in the IT industry. It has the scope from developing an application for the desktop, further to you can develop your own android application using Java.  Get our Full Android Application Development Tutorial  and start developing your own Android Application.


3) PHP

PHP is a language used for Web Designing. Almost one-third of the websites are developed in PHP. There are different types of websites according to the functionality. Facebook, WordPress and Yahoo are the big websites developed using PHP language. As we know the importance of web designing, each and every IT or none IT sector requires their website for promotion and as identity. Looking at your  interested in WebDesigning, it is the most preferred language all time.


4) Objective-C

Not everyone might be heard about it as we don’t get its lesson in Academic. But it’s worth you will come to know, when I say every iPhone applications are developed in Objective-C language. As the name depict it is influenced from basic C language and so name. It is the backbone for every iPhone apps, though Apple is planning to push its new language called Swift. Its features are coming as a game changer. You can know 6 Main Feature of Swift language that describes it as most simple and most powerful


5) JavaScript

It is known for its lightweight processing and I bet if any other language can execute faster than this. It is script language that makes it to run even faster than all other languages.

In web designing, when user sends requests to the server,  it evaluates user query and sends back the reply to each client. If we talk about server management, the single server can handle millions of user at an instant. You can figure out its load and how tremendous it is, isn’t it? But there are some queries that can be handled at the user end. So to reduce the load on the server, and to resolve query on the client side, JavaScipt came in limelight.


6) CSS

Just remember the website which impressed you with its visualization? Are you amazed, how they have developed it? It is the power of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). It makes the website more responsive and qualitative. As the scope of web designing is on the pick, parallelly there is huge scope for CSS. CSS is style sheet where you can define all designing parameters like font size, font name, text color, etc… Once we define web Designing parameter, we can apply this CSS through out our website. It reduces code redundancy as we can define designing parameters in one file instead of writing it for every page in the website.


These are the above most prior language to secure jobs. It is not easy to learn these languages unless you are surrounded by some expert coder. Join the group with expert coder from CSESatck to enhance your programming skill.


Please share your experience about your programming knowledge and any other  programming language to learn in comment section bellow. It will help new aspirants to gets success in the IT industry.

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