6 Best Uses (Types) of Niche Technology in Interior Designing

6 Different Niche Technology in the Interior Designing

How to properly equip a niche and use it in a practical way?

Some lucky people, buying a new apartment, get a nice bonus in the form of a niche in the wall of the hallway or living room, depending on the room lines of the acquired property.

Some are delighted and immediately come up with many options for using this additional space, others, on the contrary, believe that it spoils the whole view of the room and gets frustrated.

And there are those who purposely try to create this interesting element of decor in the interior of their apartment and make it a highlight.

Niche Technology in Interior Designing for home

In earlier post, we have seen different apps you can use for interior design.

Whatever it was, let’s figure out what is a Niche Technology in Interior Designing in general and understand how to design a niche interior.


The niche is an architectural element in the form of a hole in the wall, used to install various objects.

This is how niches were used in the old days.

Basically, these were depressions with semi-circular arches, in which were statues, vases, fonts, which were called exedra.

Niches have found wide application in the architecture of different times and peoples, as well as in the religious buildings of various religions.

Even the ancient Romans in the II century AD used niches as decorations of various temples.

The well-known Italian Renaissance was also not without the use of niches, however, like the European architecture of the XVII – XVIII centuries.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION for Niche Technology in Interior Designing

In the modern interior design, niches began to be used increasingly. And it’s not surprising, because it’s an opportunity not only to win extra space but also to make the room unique and unique.

In addition to an interesting design solution, niches have a practical side of use:

Niche Technology, as a place to store decorative elements Everyone in the house, of course, will find small, but such favorite subjects, which I would like to highlight a special place.

Of course, you can simply place them on wall shelves or different nightstands, but if you equip a shallow niche with shelves for them and add lighting, then your figurines, vases or souvenirs from different countries will certainly play in a new way and become the centre of attention.

Not to mention how interesting and cozy will be a room with such a decor element.

  1. Niche Technology- bookcase

Why occupy additional space with a lot of bookshelves or cumbersome bookcases if you can put shelves with your favorite books in an already existing niche.

First, you will save a lot of space, and, secondly, make this space interesting and harmonious.

  1. Niche Technology – dressing room

Of course, every fashionista just wants to have in her apartment a real dressing room, like the famous movie stars.

Owners of natural (laid down by the project in the construction) niches in the apartment, there is a unique opportunity to translate their dreams into reality.

The creation of a dressing room in a niche is, perhaps, the most practical application of it.

Especially if you equip it with an interesting sliding door and a light inside.

If the niche is located in the hallway, then an excellent use case, will build in it a wardrobe for outerwear.

  1. Niche Technology for placing furniture or equipment

If there is a niche in the kitchen or bathroom, it must be used rationally, namely for placing large household appliances in it. For example, a washing machine or a refrigerator, a dishwasher or an oven.

The dimensional objects placed in this way will become less noticeable and will not take up so much space, especially if there is not enough of it already.

  1. Niche with built-in refrigerator

If it is a niche in a bedroom or a living room, you can place a bed or a sofa in it.

The furniture placed in this way will occupy a smaller area, besides, spending time in such a place will become more comfortable.

The niche will create a certain feeling of comfort and security.

  1. Niche Technology for placing dishes

A very interesting solution for the kitchen will be the placement of dishes and other kitchen utensils on the shelves in a niche.

Nobody says that it is necessary to display pots or pans for public viewing, in no case, for such purposes, a beautiful tea set, a fruit bowl, bottles of wine or various, beautifully decorated containers with anything, such as jam or colorful vegetables, will suit you.

In stores, a lot of these decor elements, when creating which, use natural ingredients, placed in a special solution.

This will give the room extra comfort, everything will look very original, but at the same time home-like.

  1. Niche Technology for bathroom accessories

Rare, but still there are niches in the bathrooms.

They are either designed as a place for additional ventilation by builders, or created in the process of repair, in order to hide all unnecessary, such as water pipes, and give the room a more aesthetic appearance.

The niche in this case, can both drown and protrude from the wall.

To interestingly arrange a serving niche, make it a few shelves. They can be placed items of personal hygiene, towels, or decorative candles.

Or you can arrange in such shelves small pallets or pots, pour in them decorative pebbles or other beautiful pebbles, and “plant” there artificial greens.

Such a decision will be very original and will certainly give the room freshness and revitalize it.

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The Most Common Forms of Niche Technology in Interior Designing

To choose the shape of the future niche must be taken with special responsibility.

Choose a form, depending on the purpose of the niche and the visual effect that you want to achieve by using this element.

There are three most common forms of niches:

  1. Horizontal niche Technology

The simplest form, often used to create a special interior in the hallway or living room.

Horizontal niches are very convenient, they can be used to place keys, handbags, various consoles.

And if you make a composition from several niches, using decorative lighting, and place beautiful vases, statuettes or other objects you like in them, you will be able to decorate the interior in a very original way.

Horizontal niches can visually extend the wall, especially in combination with low furniture.

And if you place a horizontal niche above eye level, it also ” lifts ” the ceiling. Such niches are rationally used in premises with small areas.

  1. Vertical recess of Niche Technology

A niche with this form is also quite often used in the interior.

Particularly advantageous will be the design for an empty wall. And it does not matter if you want to place a sofa in it or just glass shelves with decorative elements or photos.

Vertical niches can make the room visually higher. Therefore, it is recommended that all owners of apartments with low ceilings pay attention to this form.

Vertical niches are best placed next to a window, a doorway or a cabinet. There they will look the most harmoniously.

Similarly, to achieve equilibrium on both sides of the niche, you can arrange two identical objects, for example, a couple of chairs.

  1. Custom shape of Niche Technology

Such niches can rightly be considered a whole work of art.

They can be of a variety of shapes, can be confined to columns, simulate a dome or be made in the form of flowers, fruits or a month.

Particularly appropriate are such niches will be in the children’s room. Niche in the nursery with the help of a non-standard form, you can create simply unimaginable compositions, hide communications, make an original headboard for a bed.

In general – whatever your heart desires, there would be a fantasy. Remember that the use of decorative recesses in the wall visually expands the room.

Finally, Hope you got good idea for Niche Technology in Interior Designing and it will make easy for you to take your decision. Let us know in the comment section below.

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