Music Player code for Android application development

Music player code in android :-
Android is the best platform for creating mobile application like music play. It is really easier than creating app in other mobile operating system.
To play a music in android application,you need to create object of MediaPlayer class.
Music Player code for Android

Steps to create music player code for android :-

Use following steps to play any music in your android application

  • Create “raw” folder in “res” folder of your project.
  • Copy any music file from your computer, then paste this file in “raw” folder that you created.
  • Remove extension associated with music file means if it is music.mp3 then rename it as music only.
  • Now take two button in xml layout file one for play and other for stop
  • Now define onClick() event for start button and write following code
  • ¡MediaPlayer mp=MediaPlayer.create(this,;
  • Now define onClick() event for stop button and write following code.
  • player.stop();

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Music Player Code for Android Application Development

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