Moto M User Review | Exclusive after using it for a Week

Moto M is released last week on Flipkart for Indian user. I am glad to order it on the first day. I got it delivered just after two days. Here is first pic clicked for Moto M user review.

Moto M User Review

Many were asking me about this phone. But that time I could not talk much about its performance without using it.

After using it for a week, I am putting my opinion and first experience of using it.

Before sharing my Moto M user review, you can watch my unboxing video of Moto M.

It comes with Android Latest stack version Android M. Lenovo pretty much modifies it. (Lenovo acquires Motorola.)

Note: All the price tags are mentioned in INR (₹ Indian Rupee).

In Moto M box, I got

  • Moto M Handset
  • 2 Amps charger
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide and manual
  • Simcard tray pin

There is also some mobile accessories. It is something fascinating as hardly any handset provide this.

  • Crystal Back cover
  • Screen guard

Isn’t it pretty much in a small box?

Moto M user review:

It comes with very useful features as expected.


This smartphone is Gold in color. It is first Gold beast in Moto.

It has 5.5″ HD quality display.

As like all essential features, it has good connectivity points such as Bluetooth, OTG compatibility, 4G network, GPRS, GPS, and WiFi.

There is no capacitive touch button on the front. There is very prominent Moto Logo. It can tame any one to love this smart device.

It has fingerprint sensor at the back. I can say it kills its competitor with its elegant stylist look.

Storage and Computing Power:

There are two versions of Moto M are available.

One comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Another has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory.

It has 2.2 GHz Octa-core processor speed. So there is no point of lagging while running any high-end user applications.


It has 16 Mega Pixels rear camera with flash and 8 Mega pixel front facing camera.

Frankly saying it dose not have expected 16 Mega pixel picture quality. Especially if you are capturing a picture in law light, you can see blur pixels on zoom.

Here is some random clicks I have taken before giving my justification for Moto M user review.

Moto M Camera Quality

Christmas decoration clicked in Mall.

16 Mega pixels Moto M Camera

Still photo-shoot by Moto M.

Moto M selfie Mode Camera:

Moto M 8 Mega pixels front camera

On another side, I am pretty much happy with the front camera.

It has 8 Mega pixel camera and in-build Auto beautify feature.

It removes all the black shades and dot on the skin while capturing selfy. So you don’t need any external application for it.

Here is selfy clicked by me. This is how it looks with in-build Auto beautify feature.

Sound and Music:

One major feature is bundled in this device as “Dolby ATMOS” sound. This is new technology from Lenovo. You cannot get this in older Motorola handset.

It gives a real impression of 360 degrees sound. If you enjoy watching videos or movies, it’s big thumbs up to go far.

You can see pre-installed DOLBY ATMOS sound application on this smartphone.

Battery and Charging:

It comes with 3050 mAh storage battery. It is not much but still decent.  I tried keeping WiFi connected, running high-end graphical games. Moto M can long last for a day with high-end applications running over it.

The features they have provided in this handset, it would be great if it has more battery life. It is a measure concern if you travel much and want you smartphone alive.

The counterpart to the battery storage, it has quick charging point. It takes only 1 hours to charge Moto M completely.

People are more concern about the battery, especially after knowing the reason behind Samsung Note 7 explosion. Whereas Moto M batteries are guaranteed for its quality as a brand.

Moto M Versions: 4 GB Ram/ 64 GB Vs 3 GB RAM/ 32 GB

There are two different versions of Moto M available.

Why to choose 4 GB Ram/ 64 GB internal over 3 GB RAM/ 32 GB internal storage?

I was confused to choose among two versions of Moto M, but it didn’t take me much time to pick one. So here is some glimpse that will not even let you think more than 5 minutes to choose one.

  • If you are already spending Rs. 15,999 for 3 GB RAM, additional Rs. 2,000 is not much to spend further to get extended RAM and internal storage.
  • As technology is getting APP oriented, almost every service is available on smartphone APP. The more are high-end applications installed; the more RAM is required. So it will be good to have enough or more (for future scope) RAM to handle high-end applications.
  • Moto M has one hybrid slot for SIM card and micro SD memory card. If you are using the dual SIM card in the phone, you can not inset micro SD memory card. So it will good to have extended space (64 internal storage) to storage your data.

No further doubt. So I would suggest you go for Moto M with 4GB RAM and 64 internal storage.

Pros and Cons of Moto M:


  • The gold full metallic body is lucrative to fall in love.
  • 4GB (even  3GB) of RAM is sufficient to run any applications.
  • DOLBY ATMOS sound quality is just WOW.
  • Fast charging is the very plus point.
  • I didn’t find any heating issue even after playing high volt graphics game.
  • It is built with high processor performance. I did not come across of any hanging issue.


  • Battery life is decent as it has only 3050 mAh of battery storage.
  • The primary camera is not up to the mark even it has described 16 Mega pixels camera.
  • It has hybrid micro SD memory slot. So if you are using dual sims, you can not use external micro SD memory card.

Over all Moto M user review, I would like to give 8 out of 10 points considering in hand display, quality, and performance.

Price and Availability:

Moto M with 4 GB RAM and 64 internal storage comes with ₹ 17,999.

Moto M with 3 GB RAM and 32 internal storage comes with ₹ 15,999.

Both Moto M versions are available on flipkart ( / ).

Looking at the price and brand, I would say, it is the best mobile to go for, in this range.

If you have any question or doubt regarding Moto M, feel free to comment below. As I am using it personally, it’s my pleasure to take your concern and reply you back.

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