Latest Rumors on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As the days approach when we will finally have Samsung Galaxy Note 4, people have a lot to say about the device. The talk revolves around the past records of the Korean giant coming up with amazing devices that meet the needs of the majority. However, some of the rumors are based on futuristic expectations that sometimes cannot become a reality as soon as they are expected to.

Hottest Rumors about Galaxy Note 4:

People have been buzzing about some features such as a 3 sided display in Galaxy Note 4. If this rumor would hold true, then this would be one concept that other manufactures have not tired in the past and that will make Samsung’s phablet sell quickly.

Latest Rumors on Samsung Galaxy Note 4


From the past, Samsung was said to feature a super AMBLED display in Galaxy Note 4. It is only in the recent past that people are indicating that Samsung may have changed their mind and could be considering an LCD display. This could be driven by the idea of reducing on costs of manufacturing and hence cost incurred to buy the device. For the first time, Samsung may come up with a Smartphone that has finger print sensors, a feature in note 4. This is informed by the desire to ensure that consumers have a secured device, a feature that they have been demanding for. More so, it is possible to have retinal and thermal sensors in Galaxy Note 4.

Distinguishing Specifications about Galaxy Note 4:

The most distinguishing factors in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the wireless charging and a super camera. Wireless charging is coming as a result of lot research and innovation by the manufactures. As a result, incredible technology will allow you to charge note 4 from a distance. More so, the camera has an anti-shake feature that enables you to have still shots. The camera also has great sensors to the end that you will easily have crystal clear shots even in less lit areas. People got tired of plastic body in Note 3 and other phones released around the same season. The complaint was that they felt as though they were buying cheap devices. If Samsung listened to such talks, Note 4 will be different. The recent rumors indicate that the next nexus will feature a diamond and an alloy hardware- also known as dymalloy. This could be a good thing especially when every other manufacturer has not thought of such features in the past. However, the costs of Note 4 may be way too high for the consumers. Therefore, an aluminum body is more likely to be featured than any other considerations.

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Release Dates Speculations:

In all the speculations and rumors above, there is always a chance that some features are actually factual. The real truth will be known when Note 4 release date is announced. People have been speculating that the phone will be released in October 2014 or latest at the beginning of November. This is informed by the fact that every phablet has been released around the same time, and there is no chance that Galaxy Note 4 will be different.

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