Android Galaxy S5 with 2K Pixel Resolution Screen

2K resolution for Galaxy S5? 1080p is by far the highest screen resolution which any smartphone has ever featured till date but with this rumors about 1440×2560 pixels (2K) screen resolution being launched in Galaxy S5 has certainly peaked our expectations from Galaxy S5. However, Samsung is not the only mobile company which is planning to release a smartphone with more than 1080p display, there are rumors of many other phone manufacturing companies planning to launch their smartphones with similar resolution in 2014. It is reported through our sources that currently a Chinese manufacturer VIVO is set to reveal an all new handset with 2k resolution around February, next year. It is confirmed that Galaxy S5 will be sporting a 5.2 inch Super AMOLED touch screen and a 16 MP rear Camera and 5MP front camera. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is currently in talks with some Korean developing companies to manufacture 10-20 million metal uni-body shells especially for Galaxy S5. Finally after millions of complains and requests about Samsung’s infamous plastic body, Galaxy S5 will be a full Metal Smartphone.

Galaxy S5 full Metal Smartphone

The specifications appear to be outstanding. It will not t be very long to see how actually this device performs in the market. Looking at Samsung’s record of talking big, Some reports have also indicated that Samsung may announce the Galaxy S5 as early as January, 2014 in a bid to overcome ‘disappointing’ Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy note 3 sales.

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    Thanks for sharing great stuff with us. I’m using Galaxy S4 its awesome

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