Top 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ready for the release in the US in the month of September or October and the company has included a lot of new and exciting features to make sure that the Phablet is way better than Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Some of the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are confirmed while there is no official news regarding some, but we have got to you top 5 features that you could see the most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Check out  5 amazing features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 below…


1) Design and Body:

Samsung may introduce some alteration in the design of Galaxy Note 4 to make it look different and better from Note 3. The first decision took by the company was to release the device in two versions, one is a plastic and the other is a metallic version. Samsung has also decided to remove the faux leather which was present in Galaxy Note 3 and failed to impress the consumers and critics. The company has been denying the release of the metal version of the Phablet after confirming the same for Samsung Galaxy S5 but still Note 4 can bring something much better in terms of design when compared to Galaxy S5.

2) Display Screen:

Samsung is going to include a QHD resolution display screen of size 5.25 inch in Galaxy Note 4. We see that Galaxy Note 3 featured full high definition 1080 x 1920 resolution along with the 5.7-inch screen that will definitely need an upgrade after so much time. The device may have a better and higher resolution, a better pixel density, thinner bezel as well as increase in screen size when compared to Note 3. In addition to that, the Phablet may come with YOUM technology which has a curved as well as a multi-sided display that will offer a better viewing experience to the consumers.

3) TouchWiz and Android 4.4 KitKat:

One thing is for sure that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to run on the brand new Android version, i.e. Android v4.4 KitKat. There is another rumor in the market that the company could also introduce its new TouchWiz interface in the device. This new magazine style interface is going to boast new icon packages, notifications as well as lock screens. It is one of the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

4) Software Upgrade:

It has been reported by Synoptic that the devices that are going to be released in the near future are receiving a major upgrade like better hovering detection in the fields like Air view as well as long distance hovering detection etc. The company is also providing a huge enhancement in the S pen and making sure that the touch screen is able to recognize at least two and a half pi pen point measurements to produce more accurate as well as precise handwriting when compared to Note 3.

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5) Camera:

Samsung may also install 13 MP camera in this new Phablet along with a new Anti-shake feature that will take care of your photos and avoid blurriness even if your device shakes during capturing photos. This will allow its users to take photos without any problem even in the low light condition.

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