How to Prepare for Your Exams in the Best Manner Possible?

What is the best way to approach your finals? What are the exam preparation tips one should follow to score more than other students in the exam?

Obviously, for most of us, the ultimate workaround is the last-minute preparation even if we hate to do this kind of procrastination.

Besides the popularity of the last-minute memorizing, experts have declared this as a totally inappropriate way to enter the exam hall.

Exam Preparation Tips for students

The best solution comes with a proper time management schedule. So how exactly do we do that?

9 Exam Preparation Tips

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some important tips that should help you prepare for your exams in the most peaceful and effective manner.

  1. Organize your study area

A study station shouldn’t be congested, rather there should be an ample area to contain the spread of your notes, guides, textbooks, etc.. Also, there should be enough light.

Further considerations include sitting on a comfortable chair and keeping your Xbox One or PS4 titles away.

The point is to acquire a distraction-free environment and space that should allow you to study with extreme focus. Get rid of your mobile phone.

What we should understand is not all students require the same environment. Some are able to study with utter silence, while some may report better learning with background music. For some students organizing the

For some students, organizing the study stations mean keeping everything neat and within reach. And for others, a more messed or deranged environment may help.

Your work is to organize your study material as per your preferences and study style you are most comfortable with.

  1. Use flow charts and diagrams

Visual elements really help when it comes to revising the studied material. The best workaround is by selecting a topic, and then writing down all the details you know until now.

Now spot the information gaps you’ve missed.

When the exam dates are looming over, it is better to squeeze all your revision pointers in a single or two-page diagram.

Gathering all your ideas on a page will help you remember the tiny pointers in the exams that will help you in explaining the parent topic in greater detail.

  1. Go through old exams

Another effective way to prepare for the impending test, you can start going through the past versions.

This should assist you in familiarizing yourself with the paper format. It will also tell the precise time you need to spend on each section.

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  1. Explain your answers to different people

Parents and siblings don’t have to be a nuisance, especially during your exam preparations.

However, if they aren’t available for some reason, you can always hire a friend and explain to him/her your answers about a set of questions.

Answering questions to others will make it easier to memorize the concepts as well as recognizing gaps you need to fill.

  1. Plan study groups with friends

I am adding group study in exam preparation tips and there are several reasons for it.

Studying in groups is also one of the common, yet powerful way to cement your preparations for the exam.

The biggest benefit of group study sessions is that each member comes with his/her own expertise, and answering questions in different ways gives you a whole new insight on how to tackle tricky questions in a logical way.

Furthermore, you may have the answer to a particular question not known to someone else, and vice versa.

Provided the benefits of group discussions, it is also vital to stay on course with no distractions or starting off-topic discussions.

  1. Have breaks regularly

You have a complex Calculus paper ahead of you in a couple of days. Sure you may want to study as much possible. But remember, sometimes productivity can do more harm than good by transforming into counterproductive.

Even the best marathon professionals aren’t up to the task of running non-stop for 24 hours.

Certain studies have stated that taking breaks on a regular basis is one of the major indicators for long-term retention of information.

Create a study and break the routine that works best for you.

For instance…

  •  If you are most active for studying during the day, then try to initiate early and take a break before lunchtime.
  •  If you more of a night king, then take a lengthier break spell to help you go through the extended hours without getting exhausted.

Avoid feeling guilty at being out consuming Vitamin D under the sun while everyone is camped inside their home studying for the finals.

Remember, taking breaks is necessary as you want to come back stronger and revitalized. Ready to conquer the next chapter now.

  1. Feed your brain

You can take a break by having a snack too, but at the same time, you don’t have time to cook.

Yes, the easiest answer comes in the name of ‘junk food’, but certainly not the right choice.

What students need to understand is that the type of food we consume has a dramatic effect on our energy and focus level.

Try to consume sufficient amounts of nutritious food such as nuts, seeds, yogurt, fish, etc. in order to keep your brain and mental focus at its peak as long as possible.

The same suggestion applies on the exam day as well. You need to eat snacks that will release a consistent stream of energy for you to work efficiently throughout the 1 or 2-hour exam.

  1. Plan the big day

It is not a common sight to see students stressing at last-minute things required for the exam. And you are not to become one of them!

Ideally, ensure a few days before the availability of all the accessories and items required on the exam day. You don’t need to panic on the night before with unnecessary stress.

Besides the accessories, you’ll be required to know all the rules and timing of the exam hall and plan your travel to the venue accordingly.

In case the venue is a place you’ve never been at before, it’s better to have clear directions and details of traffic conditions.

Determine how long it will take for you to reach, while including a margin of 15 to 20 minutes, in case you get stuck in traffic or some other misfortune occurs.

The traveling factor becomes even more complicated and demanding when you are going together with a bunch of friends calling to get picked from different locations.

The point is to stay strictly punctual, no matter what.

  1. Water to stay refreshed

Water, the only wonder of nature that finds it way in our body no matter what mental, emotional, or physical exertion we are imposing on ourselves.

Simply speaking, try to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.

Not only during the preparation time but drink ample volumes of water on your exam day to keep the brain awake and functioning.

These are all exam preparation tips I would like everyone to follow. If you have any query write in a comment. I can pull my fair for helping you out.

All the Best!

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