How to Crack SBI PO Preliminary Exam | 11 Master Tips and Tricks

SBI is recruiting Probationary Officers through the interview cum exam. SBI PO exam is online. It is not easy to crack SBI PO exam without preparation and some tricks. In this post, we discuss how to crack SBI PO preliminary exam as my experience and somewhat analysis. Hope it will sound helpful for everyone.

How to crack SBI PO preliminary exam


SBI PO Preliminary Exam Pattern

  • 1) The paper has 3 sections including English section, Reasoning section and Aptitude section. 100 questions are distributed in three sections as English 30 questions, Reasoning 35 questions and Aptitude 35 questions.
  • 2) The paper contains 100 questions each carrying one mark. For every wrong answer, there is 1/4th of mark penalty and gets deducted from your score.
  • 3) One hour will be allotted to solve 100 questions. During the exam, the remaining time will be shown at right corner.
  • 4) Most probably Cut off will be section wise. So we cannot skip any section and have to give same priority for all three sections.
  • 5) For each multiple choice questions, there are 5 choices to mark your correct answer.


How to Crack SBI PO Preliminary Exam | Tips and Tricks 

Below is the list of tips and tricks that will help you to know how to crack SBI PO preliminary exam.

  • 6) If you solve 20 question correctly from each section, there are much more chances to get selected in the preliminary test for next round.
  • 7) Keep aim to solve 20 questions in 20 minutes for each section. In each section, problems complexity is varying from simple to hard and some are average. As we have to solve 20 questions in 20 minutes, questions selection should be good (Question selection depends on your territory or question that belongs to the particular topic in which you are good).
  • 8) If you are solving Aptitude section, it needs time for calculation. If you find calculation is complex for any multiple choice question, skip that problem and move to next question as we abide with very limited time.
  • 9) In aptitude section, last 5 questions are on graph those are easier to solve. So go through these first, it will help you to cover time.
    10) There are questions from Work and Time, Number System, Approximate mathematical calculation, permutation and combination, volume and surface. There was not any question from Clocks, Calendar.
  • 11) In English Section, there is two paragraph and 5 questions for each paragraph. There is 5-6 grammatical error finding questions.  There is not any equation for synonyms and antonyms.

Note: All the points are covered in this article is to my best knowledge and kinda analysis. While going to exam center please carry your exam letter with passport photo stick on to it and one id proof for verification.

I tried my best to summarise all necessary points for, how to crack SBI PO preliminary exam. If you think is there any important point I have missed, pleased write in comment bellow. I will feature that point in this post along with your name.

All the Best!

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