Does Android App supports C/C++?

Google’s annual developer conference is organized by Google every year. This year Google I/O held in San Francisco. It is all about inspiration talk on technology, hands-on learning, Google roadmap, and more about Google’s latest developer products.

In the previous article, we have seen Everything you want to know about Google io announcement for Android user. It is not only about Android users, it sounds even more for Developer. Now we are getting into serious for developer talk.

We check out with all Google io announcement for the developer that are especially emphasized for android app development.

Google io15 announcement for Developer

1. Android App Development Tools:

Google has announced new Android App development Kit. The biggest feature Google announced in io15 announcement for the developer is full support for C/C++.

Below is the toolkit which gives support for native C/C++.

  • Android Studio 1.3
  • Polymer 1.0
  • Cloud Test Lab

Android Studio 1.3 is coming with improved game build speed.

2. Android App supports C/C++:

io15 announcement for developer C C++ support

Till now we are using Java platform to build Android application. Java is far from the understanding of basic language like C.

To provide more ambiances to the developer, Google has announced new android studio with full editing and debugging support for C/C++.

This android app support for C/C++ is one of the biggest among all Google io15 announcement for the developer. It will be easier and faster for android developer to build apps.

Gets big claps Google!

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3. Developer Page on Google Play Store:

In all Google io15 announcement for the developer, next is Google Play Homepage.

In Google play store, the developer can now create their own developer page. The developer can promote all their apps and information about themselves.

This new experiment will allow optimizing images, headlines on Google Play Store page and much more. It is very good idea to show visibility and authority on our own app in play store.

Along with developer, it will be beneficial to application user to reach developer in case any concern or any feedback.

It’s official!  Google Play Home Page (Developer Page) is available now where you can showcase all apps of a developer on the single page. 

Play store console will be provided to the developer where you can trace analytics of your own application like end user installation source, where your app customers are based all over the world etc.

Having all analytical information about end user it will be very helpful to the developer for application analysis and marketing. Developers can now run experiments on Play Store to see which performs better.

It’s easier now to Earn with Google using Your Android App

AdMob is a mobile advertising company. AdMob along with Google is providing advertising with 40 content partners, including TenCent, the largest ad network in China.

Now it is honey on your cake to earn money apart from your job.  Along with AdMob Google says, ‘buy’ button is coming for online advertising service. If any end user makes the purchase by clicking on ‘buy’ button, the commission will be provided to online advertising service.

This is all from the Google io announcement for the developer. Google empowers developers by providing C/C++ support, ability to track performance, run experiments on app listings and track conversion rates. It seems like Christmas for app developers.

Overall it is splendid maestro by Google, which provides a win-win system for developer and Google. Impressive progress in machine learning and NLP will make the difference in smartphone era and Google Android is ready to Boom.

Let’s start working on YOUR OWN app! Cause new play store features are the Booomb!

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