5 AI Marketing Automation will Revolutionize Communication

How AI Marketing Automation will Revolutionize the Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence has already created this noisy affair around itself, the moment it was ideated.

Many did not consider the idea of it to be realistic and implementable. But, with time, it has proved all of us wrong.

With the evolving innovation, people have understood the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not about building brains but about the improvement of existing tools to solve problems and figure out realistic solutions for the business.

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AI continues to take over the world in no time, revolutionizing everything and anything.

5 AI Marketing Automation will Emerge as Future Digital Marketing

It is quite early to comment on what the future beholds for AI but here are few ways in which AI will revolutionize marketing communication:

1. Drift Prediction

Wouldn’t it be great if we are able to predict all the trends in the market?

Yes, that is what exactly is going to take place soon.

Companies will be able to predict trends and drifts in the online market using AI. The Internet is a vast pool of magnanimous offerings where people opt for online shopping, fishing for information, communicating at various portals, etc.

In this course of a process, they tend to leave behind some personal data online which can be then used for the future.

It is quite fascinating to know that AI software is smart enough to collect the data and the information and analyzes it to figure about the user and its identity on the internet.

It tracks the user’s behaviors, possible intentions, patterns, and actions. In the current slot, few organizations are on the list of implementing this strategy.

Analysis of the huge amount of data will turn out to be a sweet challenge for the companies.

But this year, we are hoping to see a boom in the companies acquiring this strategy and joining the revolution.

2. Reasonable but Productive Advertising

Creative with strategy is known as advertising.

– Jef I. Richards.

But to have this strategy to be displayed in public is done by spending many billions of dollars on the advertising of products and services yearly.

AI will help to curtail the advertising cost to a decent degree.

It will the organization save tons of resources and time coupled with services targeting the desired audience.

Despite having massive advertising capital, the traditional and digital methods used today is not that effective. One cannot track the impact the ads are making in real life.

This problem is overcome by Using AI in marketing and communication with the most relevant users. AI will be used to cast personalized ads required for the intended audience with much more accuracy.

Also, it will eliminate the need for obsolete manpower-driven SEO which is an important player in the advertising industry.

3. Using Image Recognition for accurate analysis of User’s interests

Marketing is termed to be productive if it has found out the interests of its customers. And here comes the AI Marketing Automation.

It is important to figure out what kind of ads will intrigue the user. And that is why Image/Video recognition has come to the rescue of the companies for their marketing strategies.

It will revolutionize the searching process of the user over the internet. AI will help the marketers to segment the information in a much better way thereby providing with better customer experience.

It will also provide the marketers with specific details of the user’s interests. It is advisable for a company to invest its resources and time in knowing what exactly the user likes by monitoring his/her activities on social media platforms.

For years, major companies have been monitoring text media. The growing popularity of videos and images has outshined the traditional practices.

Though it is at an early age, the organizations have adopted it on a large scale owing to its promising features of marketing.

4. Content using AI

No, we are not talking about something like a Sci-Fi movie. Though AI-driven content seems like one. It is surely an element of surprise in itself.

You won’t have to worry about meeting the deadlines for content delivery. You would also not have to worry about the plagiarism and the word count of the content you have created.


Because it’s the age of AI-Driven content! Top companies are putting efforts into creating a system that will develop content for humans.

Yes, it is about to get real.

We are aware of the importance of content marketing strategies. To revolutionize Content marketing strategy, we can use AI Marketing Automation.

AI will be doing all the hectic work of research, time-consuming creation, and content editing soon!

The human ability to handle and process data is limited. While on the other hand, AI-incorporated software has tremendous potential and will prove to be a game-changer for content creators.

Bloggers also can be benefited from AI content.

It will take care of the immense amount of data flow and prove to be time-saving and much affordable, creating better content for the users.

5. Customer Interaction using AI

It is highly essential for a brand to have amazing communication between itself and its users for effective marketing.

In today’s times, companies are continuously working on overcoming hurdles that come in mid-way of this interaction. Customers these days expect a totally personal experience from the brand’s end. They want it to be a one on one interaction.

Though using Chat-boxes and voice-to-text communication has really helped to boom the communication between both parties. But every new idea that leads to better bridge the gap between the company and the customer is being experimented with by different companies nowadays.

It is a cut-throat competition between companies to provide the best mode of interaction to the customers. Here, it is important to align the business with the requirement of the customers.

It is always the communication that the customer will value for creating a long-lasting relationship.

If you are in a business where you need to interact with customers, you can develop your own chat-bot service.

Implementing AI would mean no more angry customers going unanswered for a period of time and would be provided with the best interaction in the market.

Wrapping Up…

Hence, these are a few ways by which AI is going to change marketing communication. Though it is still a baby, it is expected to create miracles in 2018 and in the near future.

AI is not designed to replace humans but to expand their thinking abilities and knowledge. One has to get ready for the AI revolution to stay longer in the game.

It is all around us and gaining quick acceptance in the industry, soon to become a norm.

We need to cater to a better understanding of the underlying technologies and tools that can be used by everyone. It is an amazing time for AI in the world of digital marketing communication trends now.

In the area of AI Marketing Automation, there will be a lot many challenges in dealing with the inflow of data but the energy put in and the motive behind creating a better marketing future is way more massive than the challenges experienced.

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