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make android faster by clearing cache

What is Cache in Android and How to Make Your Phone Faster by Clearing it?

You keep on adding and removing apps on your Android device. You perform various tasks on these apps which accumulate a lot of cached data over time. This cache data includes cache files of those apps too which you have removed. Thus, ... Continue Reading →
Start Internal Blog Strategy

8 Kick Start Internal Blog Strategy in 2017 | Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

Not everyone can start a blog. I mean blog writing requires a certain form of flair for writing and excellent research skills. Blogs is not a place where you vent out whatever is on your mind. Rather, it is a place where you offer ... Continue Reading →
Advantages of Scheduling Blog Posts

9 Advantages of Scheduling Blog Posts | Why Blogger Should Not Miss?

Blogging isn’t as easy as it might seem. If you want to turn your blogging hobby into a serious business, you should do more than simply write the content that seems interesting to you. You have to plan everything and make sure that ... Continue Reading →
free android apps for engineering students

8 Free Android Apps for Engineering Students | Everyone Must have

Today’s modern gadgets like mobile phones and tablets are very powerful and rich with applications. Almost every student owns at least one of these, be it a phone, a tablet or both, and majority of them are on the Android platform. This ... Continue Reading →
determine real internet speed

How to Determine Real Internet Speed | Put Your ISP to the Test

If you live in the 21st century, the Internet is one of your basic needs. It is no wonder we are so immersed in the online world. With the rapid development of smart handheld devices, it has become just as huge part of our lives as ... Continue Reading →
Business Tips and Tricks

17 Tips for Maximizing the Digital Marketing with Advertising Experience

Marketing is a very important if you would like to take your business or website to success. It is easy for us to come across plenty of business online these days and these businesses cannot become successful if they don’t adopt ... Continue Reading →
wordpress common security attacks

[infographic] 10 Most Common Security Attacks Kills Your WordPress Blog

Some bloggers do not give priority in securing their blogs. It may be because of lack of awareness of what danger it can bring to their digital home or because they are preoccupied with other things and have completely forgotten about ... Continue Reading →
digital marketing strategy implementation

5 Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation that Saves Time

Although a lot of digital marketing processes can be automated, this can still consume most of your time. Seeing how time is money, this puts you in a bit of a hotspot. The only solution you have is to either hire more people or find ... Continue Reading →
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