What is the Effective Ways to Develop Mobile Application ?

Enterprises are rushing their apps to the mobile market due to the gradual rise in the popularity of mobile applications. We have shared  the Full tutorial: How to develop your own Android Application. However, security aspects have taken a back seat. People usually abandon applications, if they feel that apps are not so secure. Hence, developers must design mobile apps in a way such that users may feel safe and secure while using them. The effective ways to develop mobile application are mentioned below


Effective Ways to Develop an Application

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Perform Static Analysisd

It involves employing automated tools for the application’s source code analysis. Static analysis detects vulnerabilities at an initial stage with potential remediation and helps verify the accountability, availability of the application.


Perform Dynamic Analysis

It is meant to perform deep analysis of mobile web apps to have a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities. Dynamic analysis actually detects vulnerabilities by performing attacks as it doesn’t have access to the source code. It is carried out during implementation, testing and maintenance phases.

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Don’t Skip Manual Testing

Manual testing is crucial to uncover the complex vulnerabilities which are usually not detected through automatic scanners. It helps determine whether any unauthorized access or malevolent activity is possible.


Threat Modeling

Mobile devices with different dynamic platforms have emerged out as a challenge to app developers due to an increase in the number of threats and vulnerabilities. Earlier they only have to tackle computer-generated threats. However, the use of threat modeling alongside design and architecture reviews helps overcome potential threats before they occur.

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