No Street Light, but it is Lightning Tree

The way we are developing our self day by day, the major crisis we are getting it from nature itself. To make more comfort to our life we have started living adversely with nature. Not only single country but many more countries are under severe shortage of electricity. And day after tomorrow, not so hope but there would not be the electricity. To overcome this kind of crisis, not only have to save electricity, have to concentrate more on how to create electricity. For this American scientist are already engaged.

No a Street Light, but it is Lightning Tree

San Francisco in American, scientist Omeri Amiraw Drory have discovered new innovation. They have created Gines in small plant that emits light at night time.

Scientist Drory thinks that; in upcoming years or decades of a year, if we use electricity without care there will not be any electricity. So looking forward to the future necessity, it has large demand to create electricity from natural resources. Scientist Drory added to that, they have created such kind of trees that there would not need to have street light. Letting jeans come out of trees, it  looks like street is decorated with full of lights. Just like trees of the street are lighting. That will save electricity in huge. Ensue of this; the streets will also look beautiful.

Many people and organisation have come forward to endorse this kind of innovation to conserve electricity.  Even thousands of dollars has been messed up. This project is also possible with amount less than the total budget. So there will not be any amaze if you see lightning tree around streets in an America.

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