How to Charge Mobile by sending SMS

Mobile has been everyone”s part of life. 40 years back first mobile was invented by Motorola. It was called handheld device but you will be amazed with its dimension, weight and other reviews. Do check full review of first mobile.  World has been near and easily reach out destination with invention of Mobile. Now it is not only device for communication  but also for multimedia purpose.  Youths are big fond of smartphones. All Multimedia functionality like camera, wifi, internet, gps came with real problem of battery back up. First mobile that was invented has talk time of 3 minutes for an hour charging. After that many more innovation coming to overcome this battery back up issue. In this post we see how to charge mobile by sending sms.

How to Charge Mobile by sending SMS
How to Charge Mobile by sending SMS

Why there is need to Charge Mobile by sending SMS :

Till now to charge mobile it need to have electricity. It is sever shortage of electricity in rural area. As the summer approaches, we can see shortage of electricity in  urban areas too. Looking forward to overcome this kind of problem and to let people connected to each other via mobile, scientist stepped up and innovated the way to charge mobile by sending sms by that phone itself. Now we check out how the experiment came to reality.

About Experiment:

The experiment has been done at Uganda by lady named Juliet Nandutu under the  Grid company. As per the experiment she is offering this service to charge mobile in her village. For instance people in village want to stay up-to-date for pricing information of various farm crop market. So now they can charge mobile by sending sms even from remote places where electricity not yet reached. By charging mobile this way they can get all the updates over mobile.

As the sources said this innovation will be tested in Asia & Africa in upcoming days where the use of cellphone is extremely hiked .

There is a “solar-powered cellphone charging station”. If your mobile get discharged you just need to send it a message. After getting that message it will charge mobile using solar energy. The main advantages of using this technique to charge mobile, there is no need of electricity and also works in remote and valley places. So no need to worry if your electricity off. Still you can tune up with your social networking buddies and also possible to stay connected with your fellow.

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