8 Entrepreneurship and Recent Innovations in Education Making Learning Easy

How Entrepreneurship and Innovation Affect the Value of Education?

It is an eternal truth that education is what we need to shape an individual and a society. Recent innovations in education has numerous practical, social and compressive implementations which help us to strive in this ever-changing world.

It is very essential for any nation to propagate high-level of education in its system in order to have a flourishing and growing economy, concrete social structure and rich culture.

Innovation for Life

We must say that the cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship have changed the face of our pre-medieval education system to a major extent.

In various ways, it has made it more productive, impactful and result oriented.

In addition, learning was never so easy.

All thanks go to the entrepreneurship and innovation that has made its ways to the education system.

What do you mean by Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

Before coming to the actual point, it is necessary to have a deep insight of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Literally, Entrepreneurship is the ability to set up a new business which is not known to the world. In the majority of the cases, it refers to the ability to take the risk of doing a business which doesn’t have an assurance of profit instantly. On the same note, innovation is the ability to think out of the box.

Both terms, when get considered in education, can be referred as a set of teaching methodology, learning tool, pedagogy and methodological approach intendedTechnology Trends in Education to enhance and elevate the learning process. Entrepreneurship and innovation are implemented to enhance the productivity and learning outcome of the students.

Earlier we have seen, 6 Innovations are greatly impacting our life for betterment.

For better understanding, now, let’s ponder over some of the innovations that have a great impact on education.

1) The Internet Stands at First Place

Internet Of Thing is the biggest innovation that has changed the face of not only education but the entire world.

Two entrepreneurs, Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf in the 1970s, think out of the box and give rise to this one of the most influential innovations of the century.

With the onset of the internet, education has become more productive. We have the access to the plethora of facts and figure right in front of us.

With this, learning has become easy and effortless as compared to earlier.

For instance, Udemy, the popular online learning platform, has more than 10 million students registered in it and finding its online learning more fruitful than regular classroom learning.

2) The Immerse of e-learning

On the same note, learning has reincarnated itself has taken a new and innovative face as e-learning.

The innovation of mobile phone, learning software, online services, and so on has made education dynamic and prolific than ever before.

Khan Academy, Evernote, and Notability are some of the major learning apps that students are using on regular basis and finding them more useful.

In addition, e-study materials proffer an easily accessible to study material which, in return, increases the learning outcome.

3) The Launch of Multimedia in Education

The innovation of multimedia like animations, audios, and images has helped students to grasp the most dreaded concepts with an ease.

In addition, it stays in their mind for a longer time.

Many tough nut concepts of Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects are now available in videos are easy to learn.

4) The Role of Entrepreneurs in Education

As discussed earlier, entrepreneurs are the individuals who think out of the box and come up with some ideas which were not known to the world earlier, some of the entrepreneurs has made education prolific.

Angela Maiers, the leading entrepreneurs, has founded ChoosetoMatter organization which helps students and teachers across the country to realize their real worth.

On the same note, Gagan Biyani, Eren Bali, and Oktay Caglar are the men behind Udemy, the leading online learning platform.

These are few examples.

There are millions of entrepreneurs across the world that are making education easy, productive and practical than ever before.

If innovation is the tool that makes education productive, entrepreneurs are the one who thinks about these innovations.

What is the impact of Entrepreneurship and Recent Innovations in Education?

Technology Trends in Education

We will see different roles of entrepreneurship and innovation impacting education system.

1) It has Improved the Quality of Education

For the education system, it is essential to be in line with the demand of the current world.

As the world is in constant change, it is very essential for the education system to stay updated in order to maintain its viability.

With the implementation of entrepreneurship and innovation in any education system, we are actually improving its standard and making it more relatable to the present situation.

In addition, learning tools like a mobile app, learning software have improved the quality of education. The concepts are more clear now and easy to learn as well.

2) It has Speed-Up the Learning Process

With innovative learning techniques, our education system has become more productive.

The things which used to take a week’s time now can be learned in a day’s time.

Learning tools like education apps and software use latest and innovation methodologies to teach particular concepts which speed up the learning process.

3) It has Made the Teaching Effortless

With the help of leading innovative educational tools, teaching is now effortless for teachers as well.

They use various leaning apps and software to enhance the traditional learning process.

There are many apps and tools are coming in. Interactive apps are replacing textbooks.

Textbooks vs. Apps: What’s in Your BackpackInfographic Source: Textbooks vs. Apps: What’s in Your Backpack

Visual teaching aids make the teaching easy to convey for teachers and easy to grasp for students.

On the same note, various grading and assessment software help them to focus more on learning than administrating.

4) It has Made Education More Interesting

Education has to be fun for students and this is what the innovation and entrepreneurship have done.

For instance, the entrepreneur Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, thought to make the learning interesting with the help of learning videos rather than the only bookish depiction of the concepts.

Now, more than 6.500 videos are provided by this online platform which covered almost all leading education concepts.

Students are finding these videos more interesting than old conventional learning. It is basically reinforced the education.

To conclude…

There is so many importance of technologies in education. Entrepreneurs and innovation have played a major role in making education constructive, valuable and relatable to the existing world. The recent innovations in education are commendable.

To have a better and advanced education system, it is very necessary to have entrepreneurs who will keep on inventive innovative methods to makes education rewarding.

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