Mind Tree Placement Paper : Candidates Experince

Hi friends, My name is Sudarshan Kulkarni, recently mind tree company visited our campus. I am sharing Mind Tree placement paper experience here. In the pre-placement talk, they told about their company and last they mentioned about placement scenario which includes two rounds 1st is aptitude test and 2nd is technical cum HR interview.


Candidate Experience:-

Candidate Sudarshan Kulkarni
Company Mind Tree


1st APTI Round: Mind Tree placement Paper

It is common for both IT AND NON-IT.
It has 4 section.

  • 1) Aptitude: R.S.AGRWAL book question. The questions are very easy and basic techniques of equations.
  • 2) Technical: Most of the questions are based on c++ concepts like inheritance, data structure, and algorithm.
  • 3) Vocabulary: Some antonyms, synonyms, sentence completion…etc
  • 4) Reasoning: Questions are little trickier. You need some more time for this section to solve. It includes analytical reasoning.

Total time is 90 min after each section 5min break has been given to us.

After 3 HR rounds shortlist has been put and I was selected.


2nd Round Tech cum HR: Mind Tree placement paper

It was the awesome experience.

He asked me very deep question operating system, data structure’s, c++… like

  • Give an example of the stack in the operating system.
  • Write the code to implement the stack.
    Solution: Implementation of Stack using Array.
  • He asked me to write malloc function program.
  • How will OS come to know deadlock occurs?
    Solution: You can read basic understanding about Deadlock in Operating System. These are the basic things that You Must Know about deadlock.
  • He asked some question on analytical and reasoning.

It was about 50min. Just go through basic of all the subject.

For Non-IT guys

If you belong to NON-IT section and appearing for Mind tree placement paper.

I am from IT branch, so I don’t know much.
Some of my non-IT friends told me that, for them they asked c++, DS and subject they familiar with…

They shortlisted around 200 people for the first round. For the 2nd round, 84 people were eligible. Out of that, 34 was selected.

I was also one among them.

Thank you!


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