Kirloskar Group Placement Paper And Interview Questions

How to Prepare Kirloskar Group Test and Interview for Mechanical?

Company Kirloskar Group
Venue Detail The campus was a pool drive conducted in
G. H. Raisoni College Of Engineering
andResearch Nagour. (M.S)

About Candidate

I Anshul Murdiv is a B-Tech Mechanical passed out student from Government College of Engineering, Amravati (Maharashtra) and got placed in Kirloskar through campus placement.

Candidate Experience :-

Kirloskar group placement paper consists of four stages:

  1. Aptitude Test
    1. Technical Aptitude-50 Q-30 minutes
    2.  Non-Technical-45Q-15minutes
  2. Extempore
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Interview

1) Aptitude Test

For aptitude test-non-technical-prefer R.S. Agrawal & R. K. Jain.

Non-technical includes-

  • Quantitave
  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
  • General Awareness

Technical aptitude- 

  • Pump fundamental
  • I.C.Engine
  • Manufacturing Engg.
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Thermodynamics ( a & c are marked in red because more stressed are given on these subjects)

For Technical, refer the GATE S.Chand Publication book just go through it.

For general awareness-focus on current year activities in sports, politics, national, international news.

Please manage the time during aptitude. There is a mixture of questions from very simple to the tough one. It also includes the problems from machine design, manufacturing engineering. Theory of machine, for this you have to study the university Q problems.

2) Extempore

Here you will be given the topic on the spot. You have to speak for 2 minutes on that topic. They will check your English fluency & also depth knowledge for the given subject.

The topics may be as mentioned below.

  • Growing IT industry in India
  • Superpower vision 2020
  • Competition is inevitable in today’s world
  • Economy of India
  • India-Australia series
  • about Kirloskar group
  • My ambition
  • Dream Job
  • Corruption problem
  • Indo-us relation
  • Anna Hazare
  • Indo- Pak relations

3) Group Discussion

It is a very different type of group discussion which Kirloskar conduct in every campus placement. It is a case based GD, where they will give you one situation, you have to study it for few minutes then draw your views on that and then you have to discuss it with others to convince your opinion about the topic.

For example, the topic given to us was “you are a captain of a ship which is carrying 2000 passengers, the ship is about to sink and you are in the middle of the ocean. You have to save all those passengers. You are provided with few accessories such as shark repellent, sun cream, glasses, flashlight etc. you have to prepare a list of all those articles according to your priority and discuss with your group to come to a common conclusion. The GD lasts for about 40 to 50 minutes.

4) Interview

Again interview of K-Group consists of two parts :

  1. Technical interview
  2. HR interview

In a technical interview, you will be asked very simple questions such as:

  • What is the pump, turbine, etc?
  • How centrifugal pump is different from the rotary pump?
  • Basic pump fundamentals such as NPSHr, NPSHa, types of pumps
  • Applications of pump

Be specific in your answers.

If you do not know any answer simply say ‘I don’t know sir’, don’t bluff.

In HR interview you will be asked about yourself, your family background, academics, hobbies, etc.

Friends, HR interview is a cake walk for you. If you are able to impress HR in this session then you are definitely get hired. So thoroughly prepare for it.


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