[Personal Review] Why is HP Best Brand Over Other Laptops?

It is never easy to buy a laptop or a Smartphone especially when there are lots of good brands and models available in the market.

As every customer everyone, when you want to purchase any gadget (including Laptops, smartphones, and all digital devices), getting brand and quality at a reasonable rate pays higher attention.

Now a das, it is preferable using Laptop over Desktop. You can carry your laptop anytime, anywhere.

In the case of laptops, there are so many valued brands available such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, LG. We can not give a rigid stand to choose any single brand.

Every brand has its pros and cons. For a particular brand, some models make the market and some just come to disappoint the user.

Why HP is the Best Laptop Brand?

If I look at comparative choice among multiple laptop brands, my choice goes to HP (Hewlett Packard) Laptop. In this post, I share, why should you go for an HP laptop?

1. Excellent Build Quality and Look

There are multiple things you should consider while buying new laptop. Built-in quality is one of that.

HP laptops come with very excellent built-in quality and look good. If your decision is based on the quality and look of the laptop, there are two laptops you can consider, one is a corporate laptop and the other is a consumer laptop.

Corporate laptops are more rough and tough. Though its name, they are also used at home nowadays.  If you are purchasing a laptop that is going to be handed over to multiple people in the family, you should go for the corporate version of the laptop. It has more durability.

There are some users; they want really impressive laptops for the showcase. In this case, consumer laptops are most preferable. These laptops are useful when you have very minimal work such as data entry.

2. No More Power Heating

Earlier HP laptops had heating issues. This issue was in the AMD processor on HP laptops. This sole issue had really bogged down the HP market.

Now HP laptop comes with both Intel and AMD processor. There is no more heating issue in both the processor.

To be a safer side, you can opt for Intel processors over AMD. Intel has its brand value as well as better processing power than AMD processors.

3. Consumer Care and Technical Support

For any brand, the service they provide increases brand value. Providing customer support and giving them satisfaction is the new agenda for every company to make good relations with customers.

So to endorse HP’s brand value, HP has its customer care center almost at every major city.

They have an excellent skilled team of engineers and provide the best consumer care and technical support.

4. Choose DOS over Window

DOS operating system has a command-line interpreter whereas Windows operating systems provide GUI for the user interface.

Some HP laptops come with DOS operating system and some come with the Windows operating systems.

There is no difference between both HP laptops if it is the same model.  The only difference is the preinstalled operating system.

You can switch to any of the operating systems after purchasing.

Why choose DOS over Windows?

DOS preinstalled laptops are cheaper as compared to Windows preinstalled HP laptops. If you have a budget constraint, this point makes sense for you. Anyhow, you can change the operating system after purchasing a laptop.

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5. Personal Experience

I am using HP laptops for the last 6 years. I have used both consumer and corporate class laptops.

6 years back, I was using pavilion series HP laptop. It comes with the metal body and looks so impressive. The only issue I face after 5 years, a battery is not working. It has become just plug-and-play. This is obvious, no brand provides battery life for more than 4 years. And you have to replace it.

Now I am using HP corporate class laptop for blogging and coding purpose. I did not find a single issue till now. Below is an image of my new beast HP laptop after getting delivered from Snapdeal.

HP laptop is the best brand

Final Review | HP Best Laptop Brand

I use this laptop only for blogging purposes. If you are interested in gaming, you have to choose different laptops for gaming.

Whether you are students, employee or business person; HP has wide range of laptop models that suits your requirement.

This is my trust and satisfaction over the HP brand that I have again opted for HP laptop over Dell and Lenovo. Now I am using HP corporate class laptop for blogging and coding purpose. I did not find any issue till now.

Dell is also coming with new laptops. They are also gaining brand value with their new models. I will keep the Dell as my second best laptop brand choice.

If you have any experience using the HP laptop, feel free to write your laptop review in the comment section. Do comment about your choice for the best brand.

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