How TV Advertisement through Cloud Technology Works?

TV Advertisement through Cloud Technology

Since their inception, television broadcasting has generated lots of interest. The Edging technology of A big-screen TV like Plasma or LED and to be live with the feed of sport, recorded shows, movies, or cartoons, the advertisement has been an integral part of broadcasting.

The content shown on Television has always used satellite transmission model for broadcasting.

However, the coming of age technology like the TV Advertisement through Cloud is changing the way TV advertisements were targeted in India.

TV Advertisement through CloudThe article discusses how targeted broadcast with the power of the cloud is bringing this change.

How Is TV Advertisement Done?

How TV Advertisement Is DoneOnce you have clarity about what you want to advertise in regards to your business, these are the four simple steps to move ahead.

  • Pick the channels you want to advertise on
  • Now it’s time to select the regions you want to target your campaign at.
  • If you have existing TV commercial use it or create a TV ad with the help of broadcaster.
  • The back-end team of the broadcaster then coordinates the entire operations at the back-end and broadcasts the TV Advertisement through Cloud technology, while you sit back and enjoy watching it on TV.

What do You Gain By TV Advertisement through Cloud Technology?

TV Advertisement through Cloud Technology

  • Ad Spots

Just like advertisements that appear during commercial breaks on TV channels, you get proper regular video Ad spots with cloud broadcasting too.

On an average, you can get Ad spots in a range of 4 to 16 every day; although this frequency may vary according to the nature of the channel.

Moreover, these ad spots have a minimum duration of about 10 seconds and the maximum limit is of 1 minute. And the TV Advertisement through Cloud tariff varies according to the targeting.

However, there’s no limit on the total second-ages an advertiser may wish to allot to your ads.

  • Primetime Slot

The Primetime slot is something that every business fights for. Getting space in this time slot is quite important because of the sheer number of eyeballs you can attract.

Similar to satellite broadcasting you can also get primetime slots with cloud broadcasting too.

The majority of companies providing TV Advertisement through Cloud broadcasting service have a good mix of prime time and non-prime time slots to suit the varied requirements.

  • Nationwide Campaign

You would want to reach as far as possible with your ad campaigns and these broadcasting firms can help you achieve that.

  • State or City Specific Advertisement

From metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai, which are considered as single Geo-units states. Such as West Bengal, Rajasthan, UP, and Punjab that are treated as single Geo-units, and the targeted advertising cost varies as per the channels and territory.

You can make your choice for whether you want to be city specific or state specific.

  • TV Advertising Tariff

Advertising tariff is something that you need to be wary of while planning to broadcast your ads to various regions.

Normally, the rate of an ad spot of about 10seconds ranges from anything between Rs. 300 to Rs. 15,000.

However, this rate depends on the channel you are picking for an ad and the territory. For instance, ad slots for Mumbai would be expensive than the ones for Punjab.

Similarly, advertising on a show channel like Zee TV will be expensive as compared to a news channel like Zee News.

This rate of the 10-second TV Advertisement through Cloud is multiplied by the number of times you want the ad to play in a week or month to get the rough estimate of the campaign.

In The End

TV advertisement through cloud broadcasting technology is a relatively new concept but is based on the same methodology as satellite broadcasting.

Take note of the TV advertising tariff and once you get hold of the concept you can invest your money to advertise your company through this channel.

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