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Henry Ford inspiration

Howdy Guys,
That was the rising sun of 30 July 1863. The gentleman came to the world.
He was doing his heritage business of repairing watches since a child. But he was not happy as Tik-Tik of repairing watches were used to annoy him. His dangling mind could not keep himself to squander his life in Tik-Tik of repairing watches.

He was fascinated by horse cart riding. At that time, there was horse cart rather than automated car which we see day to day. He quashed his heritage business of repairing watches and indulged into innovation of horses cart. He founded vehicle that could run without horses. He admitted petition to reserve the authority for that vehicle.  But that was rejected by the court. Rather than bogged down, his never give up attitude, let him to take the appeal against that petition in high court. This time supreme court endorsed him. Later he did not have seen back and decided to create the car which would be economical for all common people.

Not only he invented  the automobile, but he developed and manufactured the first automobile that almost all middle-class people could afford to buy.  His invention of the automobile came with revolution for transportation. His work was not only in America but spreads all over the world.  Czar personality is nothing but the founder of ” Ford Motor Company”- The Henry Ford.  

Apart from the industrialist in making bonnet of the car, he was well-known publisher during world war 1. One of his most rivaling Book “The International Jew” stirred ambiance of world war. In 1920, he started to express  himself through his own newspaper named “ The Dearborn Independent“. His book that inspired many people is “Today and Tomorrow“.

To indulge in social life and  to give helping hands to other, he founded ford foundation.
On the day of 7 April 1947, he had taken last breath letting behind speed for our life just like he came with thunder and went with lightning.

PCSkull salutes ever inspiration that The Henry Ford has shown & innovations that he founded. With his glamorous ford  car, he has given the speed to our day to day life.

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    great inspiration for all……

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      Thank you, Anirudh 🙂

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