Charge mobile phone without charger

Charge mobile phone without charger
Charge mobile phone without charger


Before to start this blog, let me clear, what are you hearing “Charge mobile phone without charger” is absolutely right. As the clamour of the youth is increasing towards smartphone, tablet, with rivaling competitor as window, IPhone, android, brew; peoples are facing  battery backup problem. Application market like Android market lures people to download application in jiffy. Even when a person closes their application, the processing of most of the application access your mobile battery for back ground data processing.

Is here need to have a such kind of facilities ?

GPS is one of the best growing technologies that take the market on high. Simply because of GPS tracking, no place is far not even unknown. Many times you start your journey & start following GPS tracker, not even you crosses half of distance; window pop up “15% battery remaining”. 🙁

You are competing with the last stage of angry bird, only kiddy gamer know the worth of feeling when battery says ” unwillingly have to close application as battery not enough to go further” 🙁

Blogger can compensate if his girlfriend says “sorry, though you are home alone tonight, I can”t come” 😛 but he cannot sustains if type writer suddenly switch off letting 500-700 words in futile without saving.

Coder can code, but not again. 😉 Nothing can be bull shittt , if pad writer switch off without saving any of your logic.

Some  of the Innovation are,

  • Send Message to charge your Mobile:-

Looking to secure your data, more and more innovation are coming out to resolve battery backup problem and charging your mobile. We already published one of the innovations to charge your mobile phone without charger ” Send message to charge your mobile phone “.

  • Charge mobile phone without charger, T-Shirt will make that difference…

Despite of this, inventors are more indulged in innovation of “T-Shirt that charge your mobile phone without charger”. T-Shirt have solar Kit that will charge automatically as you walk as you talk using solar energy. That kit will let you charge your pad writer, mobile, smartphone, tablet, phablet…

There are certain point that will clear its advantage :-

  • No need to bring charger everywhere,
    T-Shirt that you are wearing is enough
  • Having solar charging,
    It is echo friendly too
  • It will also help you to save electricity.
    Electricity is the oxygen of today”s tech world.
  • Walk-In charge,
    Not mandatory to squander a time at home by plugin your device

Say good bye to your mobile charger and charge your mobile phone without charger.
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