10 Essential Telephone Etiquette in Business Communication

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I am sharing Key Tips On How To Improve Your telephone etiquette in business communication and boost sales. 

And why it is important to follow business telephone etiquette?

A phone is a potent tool for communication, relationships, and even businesses. However, do you know how to use it for business? It can be a challenging task talking with a customer on the phone especially if you want to increase sales.

When it comes to managing a business, running a call center is very challenging yet rewarding. As a business owner, you need to make sure that the people who handle customers on the phone are all well-trained.

This is the reason why training is never-ending because you need to supply your agents all the information they need for better business sales, or you might end up losing potential buyers¾ or worst-case scenario is losing even the business.

Business Telephone Etiquette

[Do’s and Don’ts] Telephone Etiquette in Business Communication

So here are some key tips on how to improve phone etiquette for better business sales.

  1. Practice Adopting A Positive Tone

Practicing a natural, attentive and enthusiastic voice tone while talking on the phone with a customer makes them feel comfortable. In this way, they will not be annoyed while having a conversation with you. You need to control your pitch and timbre.

  1. Be Sincere

People call the customer service hotline simply because they have a problem and they want it answered. Whatever is the question, you need to answer politely, intelligently and quickly. Make your buyers feel that they are your top priority and for sure they will be repeated leads.

  1. Talk Clearly and Slowly

When speaking on the phone, make sure to speak clearly.  Use simple phrases or words and don’t use jargon or overly complicated vocabulary. Remember also not to use slang words such as “yeah” or “dude.” Avoid also using filler words such as “like,” “um” or “ah.” Practice pausing rather than using those words for better communication.

  1. Practice Breathing

Before answering a phone call, take a deep breath. We tend to do shallow breaths when talking to someone which makes you sound tired. You need to make a customer feel that you are happy that they called and very willing to attend to their needs.

You can practice breathing by taking a very big breath then immediately answer the phone at the top of that breath. Continue speaking while exhaling that breath and you will feel something different after that, leaving you lots of energy.

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  1. Listen Attentively

Customers want to be treated special, and this is what you need to do if you want to have better sales. You need to listen attentively to them. You can do this by putting everything away and focus only on your conversation. Prevent multi-tasking for it can cause you to be out-of-focus. Remember that customers hate being ignored.

  1. Never Interrupt

When it comes to handling a complaining customer, never interrupt. Let them talk and listen attentively no matter how long it takes. This is the purpose why you need to train your employees for situations like this. Teach them how to make a customer feel that they are their priority and are well taken care of.

  1. Use Customer’s Name

Use the customer’s name when having a conversation with them but don’t abuse it. Greet their names naturally in the conversation.

There are times that there are names that are hard to pronounce, ask them politely to spell it out. It is one good way of valuing them as a customer.

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  1. Develop A Professional Greeting

Be professional and don’t just say hello and then jump right to your presentation. Make sure that before you start to explain your purpose or goal, allow the other party to participate.

Begin by greeting them with words like Mr or Mrs or maybe you can add a greeting such as “Good Morning, Mr. Gray”.

This is one of the essential qualities you should have to become a leader.

  1. Introduce Yourself And Your Company

Give your name and your company’s name as well. Tell them what your role is, so the other party will know who they are talking to.

Don’t get too specific yet and don’t mention your product. It is best to keep your introduction general as much as possible while still explaining some benefits to speak your customer’s curiosity and prevent them from hanging up.

  1. Express Gratitude

Never forget to thank your potential client for taking your call and allowing you to explain the purpose of your call. Explain to them that you won’t waste their time and then begin explaining the benefits that they would get by listening to you.

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These business telephone etiquette in business communication are very important. Whenever handling potential or repeat clients over the phone, always make sure to give them high-quality customer service. It is guaranteed to result in a more productive relationship and increased business sales.

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