Which type of Monitor is the Best Monitor for gaming?

Early gaming was only limited to small handheld devices, whereas the latest technology has made it entire entertainment industry. People across the globe use the online and offline gaming resources to play the games they are more passionate about. And, thinking of playing games, one can never ignore the importance of buying one of the best gaming monitors 2017 to have a clear vision of what appears on the screen. There are various points that need to be considered while deciding the type of gaming monitor that suffice all your needs. The varying needs of each game and its players from a major role in deciding which monitor to buy.

Best Monitor For Gaming:

Here are some of the points you may consider useful before choosing one for yourself.

#1 The one with higher resolution and panel size

One of the qualities that make a monitor stand out from the rest is its resolution and panel size. For gamers, the main thing to play comfortably is the resolution that takes care of every graphic that is designed to dignify the whole sports. There is no need of playing if the imagery of your favorite game blurs or stops in between. The panel size is also a matter of consideration, whereas it is subject to the space available on your desk or room, and the price variation in different panel sizes.

#2 Enriched panel technology

The best gaming monitors are recognized by the technology it is made it. And, each technology has its own pros and cons. If you need an affordable solution with better results, the Twisted Nematic (TN) technology may perfectly meet your demands, whereas Vertical Alignment (VA) is known for better representation of colors and contrast. The third kind of technology is also worth mentioning for its accuracy and viewing angles. Gamers may need it the most if they want to play at their best comfort level and looking for a technology that retains better view at varying angles.

#3 Perfect Pixel Count and refresh rate

The most recommended gaming monitors are the one with higher pixel response rate and fast refresh rate. The commonly used specification for a pixel count is gray to gray and is calculated in milliseconds. It is the time a pixel takes to change a shade into another. So, pursue a monitor with a higher pixel count. On the other hand, the refresh rate is measured in hertz (Hz) and is known as the time between redrawing the whole screen. In this regard, the 144Hz monitors are considerably recommended for gamers who like to play racing.

#4 Compatibility with other devices

Gaming is incomplete with the just a monitor or keyboard, as you need to add more powerful gadgets to equip you for the battle of winning the entire series online. A monitor for gaming has to support the additional input and output devices you need to add. For example, a USB port for plug and play joystick or optical mouse, etc.

#5 Reasonable in price

Price is the ultimate tool that describes the difference between the better and best type of monitors. The games are passionate about their adventurous hobby and willing to play more, but somehow they have a budget and do not want to exceed. Now, to have one of the most reliable 144Hz monitors, they are required to evaluate their preferences and take a decision accordingly.


Gaming has become one of the favorite past time hobbies for a great majority of people. The whole community shares their interests about gaming platforms and devices with their peers around the world. We have also tried to help you a little bit in selecting an amazing gaming monitor this year in this post. You may find the above-discussed points useful in making your purchase.

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