Things to learn from Sachin…


It will not worthy if I say…how he play … what he play…if I do so, this blog will be one of the boring as everyone  already aware about his Cricket. His brilliant knock on the pitch takes him at the pick. In field stellar performance by Sachin makes him, “The God of cricket” …

Let me muse up with this blog. Despite his first inning of cricket, the Indian cricket icon  has very wonderful inning of humanity (in the field and out of the field), integrity, loyalty towards his work, honesty and most interestingly to be sober at the apex. That sound more than his cricket glory for those, who do not want to play cricket like him…
Master blaster”s all round glory is really tidal to our career. That always motivate us…

There is always  the big question for the newbie when he/she want to boot up his/her career, says fear about the dream.  But remember you are not the only to get this big Q, even Sachin is not a exception…

Shot 1: Can I have a dare to choose my career Vs can this little boy  play this shot?

Dare to career

When Sachin started Cricket as his profession, he was not sure what would he have been achieved as he has achieved now. But he had power to make his dream come true. He squandered everything just to become successful in his dream. So do not mind to chose your career if you really have intimacy to achieve it. Can I do…?? is big bluff. Leave it aside and Go ahead with “Yessssss, I can”.



Shot 2: How much can I pay to bring my dream come true?  Vs  little boy hurdle miles to reach practice ground  ??

Big Q

This is the big Q (question), where many of us fails.

Here two factors maters lot, first one is brilliancy and second is hard work. Being Brilliant is not everyone”s cup of tea. But no need to worry… “Hard work beats talent.” No one has inborn talent. But it piles up with your hard work and depends on how much you indulge in your work.

Sachin was ready to spare his day and night in practice. His hard work let him to convert every drop of swear into delicate diamond.
So, be planed  and keep ready yourself to spare your every moment of time to make your dream true.

Shot 3: What if I fail in first step…?? Do you know, in which match he made his debut century ?

sachin_tendulkar_Fails _78 matches_for first century

You are not the first one who have been failed. Even Sachin is not a exception. He had to wait for 78 international matches to make his first debut century. Then after now he has completed hundreds of hundred.
If he quashed at that time, that would not be a joke if someone asked “who is Sachin ??”.

Take every Past as experience, future as expectation.
The wicket that you lost, take it as experience. Keep that experience in mind and hit the boundary of expectation.


Shot 4: How much can I achieve with this…??

It is up to you. Ask yourself “How much hungry are you??”
Even after ton of ton, Sachin Tendulkar”s hunger is not yet fulfilled.
That makes him, today’s Master Blaster…
1) Not seeking for vote, but he knocked the door of Rajya Sabha

Knocked the door of Rajya Sabha

2) Folks says God is not visible, but they call him God of cricket wisdom

God of cricket wisdom

3) He did not dance to become The  Man in million but breaths in million hearts

Man In Million

4)  Not a resident of Australia…
Though His century may pipes  Australia Cricket many times, He has been awarded by the Order of Australia. His glory is not only felicitated by our nation but that sound across the Globe.

Order of Australia


5) Not a Commando, to be Rewarded by Indian Defense military

India Defence









6) Though there is no category of cricket,  Nominated for Bharat Ratna
          He is honored by Bharat Ratna 🙂

Sachin Nominated for Bharat Ratna

last but not list…

7) He was unable to pass his 10th standard examination, but now his lesson is in the 10th standard book.

Indian Cricket Icon scored run on the cricket pitch but that make him to win a battle of Rajya Sabha, Order of Australia, Indian Defense military, Bharat Ratna…

Despite of  his cricket lesson, Being techie, If you can not play like Sachin , We must have to take the lesson of brilliancy, never give up attitude, humbleness, hard work, humanity (in field and out field), integrity, loyalty towards work, honesty and most interestingly to be sober at the apex…

Life is like a cricket…
Don”t loose your wicket,
Cross the boundary…
Make the century !!

Feel free to comment the quality of Sachin that you like most… Sachin 200!!

  1. Dipalee C. says

    Sachin Tendulkar Rocks!!
    Hi is Stellar performer ever.

  2. lista de says

    wonderful post keep posting.

  3. Unmukund T. says

    Come On Sachin T. , it’s time to wash up Aussie:P

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