Amazon Expansion hiring 8000 employees in India

Many more festivals are coming. Even the way of celebration has totally changed. Earlier on every occasion families and relatives were coming together. But today  As everyone is busy and hardly anyone have time for others, the trend of giving gift to near and dear one has enhanced; ensue of this online shopping is also enhanced multiple time. Online shopping is always better as we can grab money saving deal by sitting home only. There are many more shopping portals are busy in expansion for their capability to serve online customer and attracting them by giving latest deals and offer. (You can like our Facebook page Latest offer and Discounts) In this post we see Amazon Expansion that trying to surpass its ever competitor Flipkart by enhancing their capability by hiring 8000 employees.

Amazon Expansion
Amazon Expansion

Where Amazon stands today in growth and capability?

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping portal for all kind of goods. Their goods include men women kinds cloths, home appliances , fitness kits ,health care goods, including all kind of electronics appliances.
There are 6000 employees are working in various Amazon department of selling, marketing, office staff, delivery men. To compete with other rivaling online portals Amazon decided to expand its capability.

What”s need for Amazon expansion?

Day to day there is growth in online shopping enhancing.  Many goods are coming online to sell. Online shopping portals already boots up to grab this opportunity to provide intermediate service between customer and manufacturer. To take its advantage and to tackle all online customers Amazon tried to expands it”s capability.

Flipkart is Indian online shopping portal. Now a days It is offering very delighted discount on occasion like black Friday, cyber Monday ,  new year  Christmas. Added to that just they have celebrated their BIG Billion day by offering huge discount. To be in competition and to extend online business, Amazon core team is highly excited for Amazon expansion.

Amazon expansion over Flipkart statistics:

There are 6000 employees are working in Amazon to serve customer for online shopping where as 9000 employees are working in rival Flipkart. Added to that Amazon have planned to recruit 8000 more employees by considering their future scope and demand. After Amazon expansion there will be 14,000 employees in Amazon India that will be 5000 more than total number of employees in Flipkart. In percentage statistics will be 65% to Flipkart.

Final word for Online Customer and Amazon Job aspirants:

There are many more online shopping portals are trying to grab the online business and Amazon expansion is one of that step from Amazon India. What I think is, its win to win system. Online shopping portals will increase their revenue by luring customer with offers and discounts, but it will comes money plus time saving opportunities for everyone like you and me. It is also good Career opportunity for all job aspirants in India.


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